How well do you know yourself?

Written by Terry Dashner

How well do you know yourself?

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The ancients said it this way: To thine own self be true, and know thyself. You could definerepparttar study of philosophy by this: “Know Thyself.”

Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy and author states this, “You can be knowledgeable without knowing yourself, but you cannot be wise without knowing yourself. For if you do not know yourself, if you are a stranger to yourself. If you have never wondered aboutrepparttar 138571 knower, only aboutrepparttar 138572 known, then no matter how much knowledge you have, you do not know who has it.”

Most ofrepparttar 138573 predecessors of Socrates focused exclusively onrepparttar 138574 terrestrial and celestial bodies, but Socrates studied only about man and his issues. He wanted to harmonize virtue and vice, wisdom and ignorance and right and wrong. In order to do this, he had to study himself. He spent his life learning himself. Ironically,repparttar 138575 man who knew more than any other in Greece was executed because they said he corruptedrepparttar 138576 youth with his teachings and did not worshiprepparttar 138577 right gods (state gods).

Again professor Kreeft says, “Try to measurerepparttar 138578 earth, and you may succeed (as one ancient Greek, Eratosthenes, actually did), and you may think you are wise; but try to measure yourself and your life’s meaning and things like truth, goodness, and beauty, and you will find that you are swimming in waters far over your head. The world in your head is much bigger thanrepparttar 138579 world outside your head.”

To “know thyself” is to know that you are different thanrepparttar 138580 beast ofrepparttar 138581 field. God created you in His image and likeness. But to know yourself is to know your own limitations. When you have done all you can do as a man or woman, rest in God. You must reach your limits before God can help you. To know yourself is to know that evil is your potential as well as good; therefore, resistrepparttar 138582 urge to do your fellowman wrong. And let God love him through you.

Picking and Choosing Your Dreams

Written by Joi Sigers

Experts believe you can actually "program" your mind to dream what you want it to.

This could be a sanity-preserver for those suffering from recurring nightmares. With practice, such a person could easily endrepparttar ugly cycle.

However, you don't have to be experiencing nightmares to benefit. Anyone could use this "programming" to their benefit, even if it's purely for amusement's sake. Possiblyrepparttar 138524 best scenario would berepparttar 138525 person with a dilemna of some sort in his life.

Let's say a young college student, Joe, is feeling overwhelmed by school and work. He uses this technique to make himself dream about his situation. In his dream, he brilliantly handles his time management problems with flair. He awakens, renewed, with a few ideas in mind, and voila!, he makesrepparttar 138526 Dean's List, gets a promotion and buys a yellow Hummer. Okay, Joe and I got ahead of ourselves, but you getrepparttar 138527 idea.

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