How using RSS will attract and maintain visitors

Written by Allan Burns

There are nowhere nearrepparttar amount of webmasters using RSS that there should be. There is more exposure about RSS than there has ever been but take up of RSS still seems to be slow. I thinkrepparttar 140205 main reason for this isrepparttar 140206 lack of understanding of how to implement an RSS feed.


I have been blogging at for two weeks now, that’s two weeks today in fact and my Feedburner stats tell me I have a total of nine subscribers to my RSS feed. That’s not bad considering I did not activate my RSS feed straight away. These subscribers are made aware of updates to my sites without having to visit my site. Why would you want to make your readers visit your site if it hasn’t changed.

One of my missions as a webmasters has been to promote RSS to webmasters to let them know that it can be used as an additional channel to communicate with their visitors. I believe it fills a gap that email is failing to do because ofrepparttar 140207 vast amount of spam that is out there. In fact I only use email as a means of making contact with people, email is personal and should not be invaded. You should not have to give out your email address allrepparttar 140208 time.

Steps to Beat your Website Competitors

Written by Edward Charkow

In many cases when you start a new website you are really starting atrepparttar bottom ofrepparttar 140204 barrel. Your competition probably has more money than you, they certainly have better rankings and more repeat visitors. How can you compete with that when you are on a shoestring budget? First off, you need to get one idea out of your head that has been beat into it by countless marketing sites, E-books, and "experts." YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE SUCCESSFULL OVERNIGHT! However, you can make regular and weekly progress and overtake your competition, both in rankings and sales. There are a few things you are going to have to do though. 1.) You will need to track your statistics, website visitors, and keep track ofrepparttar 140205 Search Engine Bots. If you need to learn more about statistics, may I reccomend . Statistics and paying attention to them are one ofrepparttar 140206 important things that successful webmasters all do. You should know atrepparttar 140207 end ofrepparttar 140208 week what each visitor to your website was worth. 2.) Work harder at your important tasks. Many webmasters started a website because it's perceived as an easy way to make money. It's not, so get that idea out of your head right now. Start managing your time smarter. If you spend 20 hours per week surfingrepparttar 140209 Internet, chatting, or just goofing around, stop and divert that energy into something productive like link building. I'm a professional freelancer and I still get stuck inrepparttar 140210 old habit of just sitting in front of this computer and getting nothing done. I recently got so frustrated with myself I actually made a blog post out of it. I will be adding tips and tricks to be a little more productive and how I cut some ofrepparttar 140211 "fluff" out of my day. It would be great if others contributed as well. 3.) You are working harder, but are you working smarter? I don't mean you have to be smarter than your competition. I mean that you need to become smarter on a certain subject. For example, there are 1000s of programmers like myself who can work with PHP. I have made myself a niche working for Internet marketers who don't want to explain terms like "downline builders", "2 teir affiliate programs", etc. It doesn't matter what subject matter your website is, you just need to know more about one aspect of your content or service than other people. 4.) Make sure you are productive and earning at your real potential. Chances are if you are keeping track of your statistics (see step one) you know that every visitor is worth X dollars or cents. If your really tracking, you can tell how much value you are getting from traffic to certain pages or from certain advertising methods or SE keywords. If you have a method that is just sending you visitors that never purchase or stay just stop using it and put more effort into those things that are returning a value. If you have set your value at $30 per hour to meet your income goals, you better not be concentrating on things that return pennies per hour, right?

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