How useful is a Dream Dictionary really?

Written by Diane de Villiers

Atrepparttar start of your dream journey, one ofrepparttar 138639 most frustrating things is to figure out whatrepparttar 138640 symbolism in your dreams means! Most often people start their dream conversation with me by saying: “I had this weird dream …” What makes it “weird” isrepparttar 138641 strange collection of people, objects, places and events that take place inrepparttar 138642 dream.

How do you make sense of it? I guess you’d be thinking that a dream dictionary is a good place to start.

Then again,repparttar 138643 biggest “complaint” I hear is: “I looked up “such-and-such” in a dream dictionary and it makes absolutely no sense to me!” Well, I'm not surprised.

Watch out for Dream Dictionary Bloopers!

Some dream dictionaries contain some real whoppers. Here’s a selection from some dubious sources I saw recently [don’t laugh … these are real examples!]:

Burglar - If you catch a burglar in your dream you’re about to inherit some money. Funeral - signifies news of an engagement or wedding. Marshmallow - means you will meet a new friend ofrepparttar 138644 opposite sex. Razor - is a warning to control your temper.

You getrepparttar 138645 “picture”! These “interpretations” are obviously just ridiculous. And you can easily see that for yourself … intuitively you know that these meanings should not be taken seriously.

So do you even need a dream dictionary?

Wellrepparttar 138646 answer is “yes” and “no” and “depends”.

“Yes” – use a dream dictionary when you’re really stuck with a symbol and you need some inspiration to findrepparttar 138647 right meaning. Just make sure you’re using a reputable resource and use your “BS” detector!

“No” – avoid using one when you can immediately relaterepparttar 138648 symbol in your dream to something in your waking life and your “gut” is giving you a positive reaction torepparttar 138649 interpretation you’ve intuited.

“Depends” onrepparttar 138650 reliability ofrepparttar 138651 source ofrepparttar 138652 information. Don’t take any meaning at face value. Test them out first. You will be able to validate your dream messages in your life. You’ll also automatically collect your own personal dream symbol dictionary if you’re actively journaling and interpreting your dreams. You’ll be able to tell when certain symbols are valid for you or not.

Did you know everything in your dream is about YOU?

Written by Diane de Villiers

Carl Jung, 20th century psycho analyst and dream researcher, said: “A dream is a theatre in whichrepparttar dreamer isrepparttar 138638 scene,repparttar 138639 player,repparttar 138640 prompter,repparttar 138641 producer,repparttar 138642 author,repparttar 138643 public andrepparttar 138644 critic.”

Dreams are like a play with you takingrepparttar 138645 part of allrepparttar 138646 characters andrepparttar 138647 scenery. Usually every symbol in your dream represents some aspect of YOU. Your sub-conscious is telling you a story about what’s really going on for you.

All you have to do is findrepparttar 138648 relation betweenrepparttar 138649 symbol and yourself and relate it to your waking life and you’ll getrepparttar 138650 message. “Huh?!” I hear you say. Here’s an example … albeit a dramatic one!

Say you dream about being in a large, extravagant house. You go down a staircase and find yourself in a dark basement. A hooded man appears, but you can’t see his face. He’s got a knife and is trying to stab you. You try to run away but he catches you and suddenly you see your blood all overrepparttar 138651 floor. Then you notice thatrepparttar 138652 hooded man is your boss!

“So how does this relate to me?” you ask.

Here are 4 easy steps to find out.

Step One - Write down each key symbol In this dream, they would be: - Extravagant house - Descending staircase - Dark - Basement - Hooded man - Knife stabbing you - Running away - Blood onrepparttar 138653 floor - Your boss

Step Two - Work outrepparttar 138654 meaning of each symbol Using your own intuition or a reputable dream symbol resource give each symbol a meaning:

Extravagant house – a house signifies your self-esteem and how secure you feel about yourself. A large, extravagant house could indicate that you’re feeling insecure and overwhelmed by something in your life … that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

Descending staircase –in this dream means going down into your sub-conscious [symbolized byrepparttar 138655 basement] usually to seek out your suppressed fears [the issues that you don’t want to face in your waking thoughts].

Dark – darkness almost always signifies something hidden from your waking mind. It’s dark because you are not consciously aware of it.

Basement – represents your sub-conscious

Hooded man – any character or creature that is cloaked, hidden, hooded, unclear or shadowy usually represents your own hidden or suppressed fears.

Knife stabbing you – obviously means something potentially very harmful

Running away – obviously means trying to escape

Blood – means your life force, your energy and vitality

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