How to write compelling autoresponder messages to increase sales.

Written by Chad Cook

An autoresponder can send emails butrepparttar essence is that those emails get read and acted upon byrepparttar 148627 recipients. There is less benefit to a business if emails that get sent atrepparttar 148628 cost of bandwidth, just get deleted because they fail to conveyrepparttar 148629 essential informationrepparttar 148630 receiver needs.

We take a look atrepparttar 148631 factors that will create a conducive atmosphere for a message in an autoresponder email to be read. I meanrepparttar 148632 kind of stuff that will make an Eskimo order air conditioners.

Sequence Letrepparttar 148633 entire text ofrepparttar 148634 autoresponder email flow like a story. Be sequential. For example, start talking about difficulties people face before you suggest a solution. If you are marketing twin-blade razors for example, you will have to talk aboutrepparttar 148635 ineffectiveness of single blade razors first before you talk aboutrepparttar 148636 effectiveness of twin models. This way, you are presentingrepparttar 148637 issue logically torepparttar 148638 reader and before he gets to your main message, he understandsrepparttar 148639 limitation of a certain situation andrepparttar 148640 need to improve it.

Killer headline According to research, every web visitor takes 5 seconds to decide whether a material is of value to him. Normally,repparttar 148641 headline tells it all. If you are unable to attract a reader through your headline in an autoresponder, it will be difficult or almost impossible to convince him later inrepparttar 148642 body. The headline should be compelling enough forrepparttar 148643 reader to want to read on. If you are selling lawn mowers to an affluent neighborhood, you may have it wrong if you wrote

Buy cheap lawn mowers and make great savings

The affluent does not need to save. It isrepparttar 148644 middle and lower class that needs savings most. Top class neighborhoods are rich. It is not cost- effectiveness they want. They want something luxurious, durable or exquisite.

The following headline can serve your business better:

Triple-power, dual-purpose, exquisite, sleek mowers forrepparttar 148645 busy executive.

Makerepparttar 148646 message personal People donít want to be treated generally or as part of a group. They want individual attention. People will buy products if they are convinced that it had been purposely made for them. They will also effective read your autoresponder message if it is addressed to them personally. It is therefore important to userepparttar 148647 second person singular (You) in all cases to emphasis individuality. Who will be happy or convinced to read a message on a personal product that has been addressed to thousands of people?

Postcards--A Quick Way to More Sales

Written by Al Hanzal

PostcardsóA Quick Way to More Sales Ö5 reasons to look at this marketing strategy.

Need To Give Your Business a Quick Lift?

Need a quick way to get more sales? Want a simple way of keeping in contact with your customers? Need a new lead generation tool? Take another look at postcard marketing.

A few years back, people predictedrepparttar internet and e-mailing would rulerepparttar 148585 marketing world. They forgot to factor spam and e-mail filters intorepparttar 148586 mix. After a dip in direct mailing volume, postcard marketing is once again increasing in numbers.

This article invites you to see how postcard marketing can improve your bottom line. I will give you five reasons why this proven low-tech tool can make a difference in your business results. Donít be fooled byrepparttar 148587 simplicity of post card marketing!

1. Postcards work.

Why does postcard marketing work? It is direct response advertising. You can create a postcard by making an offer. You send it out. You will know immediately whether it is working if people come in and presentrepparttar 148588 postcard to you.

A postcard has allrepparttar 148589 ingredients of good marketing. Itís concise and easy to read. It allows you to create incentives. It invites people to take action now.

In addition to these qualities, it is delivered every day. Itís reliable. The post office is a branch ofrepparttar 148590 US government. Itís not going away anytime soon.

2. Postcards are fast

It can take years to establish your business brand or image. A newspaper ad may take as many as 6-10 views before it sticks inrepparttar 148591 readerís mind. Postcard marketing isrepparttar 148592 simplest form of direct mailing.

When you create a post card promotion, put a deadline on your offer. Send it out and seerepparttar 148593 response. If it doesnít work, try a different offering. You get an almost immediate response, especially if you askrepparttar 148594 customer to userepparttar 148595 postcard when they call or visit your business.

3. Postcards are low cost

Obviously,repparttar 148596 cost of a 1st class postcard stamp -- 23 cents -- is cheaper than a first class stamped envelope. But it is low cost for other reasons.

You have no envelopes to stuff.

You can do postcards yourself. You can buy postcard stock at your local office supply store. Most computers have software programs for creatingrepparttar 148597 postcard format. You can do this yourself without a great deal of time and effort. Followrepparttar 148598 basics ingredients of a good ad and youíre set to go. You have no expense with a printing company.

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