How to write a Cease and desist letter

Written by Jefferson Highway, General Counsel

A Cease and Desist letter is one ofrepparttar simplest legal forms in use today. Withrepparttar 119161 spread ofrepparttar 119162 web, andrepparttar 119163 copyright infringement that has brought, C&D's (as they are known) have become very common. The problem is, a standard C&D can cost $50 or more if sent from a lawyer, and you may find, if you have any kind of business at all, that you can't afford this on an on-going basis. So here isrepparttar 119164 solution - a Cease and Desist form of your very own courtesy of at no charge!.

=========================================================================== [ INSERT YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS HERE ]


Dear Sirs,


It has come to our attention that you are [ ENTER THE COMPLAINT HERE - AN EXAMPLE WOULD BE "copying entire pages from our website at www.???.com and publishing them on your own website, www.!!!.com in direct breach of our rights under International Copyright Law" ].

You have [ INSERT TIME LIMIT HERE - EG "10 Days" ] to [ INSERT THE ACTION THEY MUST TAKE HERE - EG "Removerepparttar 119165 offending pages, listed below, and confirm in writing torepparttar 119166 address atrepparttar 119167 head ofrepparttar 119168 letter that you will not repeat this infringement" ]

Claiming Sexual Harassment

Written by Lala C. Ballatan

If you are abiding by your stout decision to pursue a sexual harassment case againstrepparttar person who have violated your rights by forcing his sexual interests on you, then it is but just. However, you might have exhausted all possibilities in dealing withrepparttar 119160 sexual harassment you felt at work. Letís say you have already done things by yourself, by confronting him, or you already have tried asking help in your workplace.

If these informal methods have made no serious impact on your attacker, then itís about time to launch formal approaches that does not only deal with personal honor or company rules and regulations.

Consider filing a Title IX complaint withrepparttar 119161 Office for Civil Rights atrepparttar 119162 U.S. Department of Education. You can go directly torepparttar 119163 Department of Education in Washington so that you could get more information about this area ofrepparttar 119164 law. For a little birdís eye view, however, Title IX covers all students and employees in institutions where there is federal aid or assistance, including financial aid going torepparttar 119165 institution. In filing such complaint, you need not bother with an attorney. Still, you can file a Title IX lawsuit later if you desire to do so.

Investigations and findings may take a while, though you could speed uprepparttar 119166 process by asking your 2 Senators and Representative to writerepparttar 119167 Secretary of Education. Request that you be kept posted withrepparttar 119168 progress and results ofrepparttar 119169 investigations.

Another thing you could do is file a Title VII complaint with your local office ofrepparttar 119170 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). You could also file withrepparttar 119171 agency in your state that handles fair employment practices. Title VII only covers employees including student employees. The State Attorney Generalís office might be able to findrepparttar 119172 right department for you sincerepparttar 119173 state and federal commissions work closely together. An attorney is also not needed, but if you want to go into court to file a lawsuit, askrepparttar 119174 permission fromrepparttar 119175 EEOC.

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