How to work with your graphic designer

Written by Marsha Maung

As a graphic designer, I can tell you something right here, right now, right offrepparttar bat without blinking….the graphic design process is a pain inrepparttar 147443 butt. Fromrepparttar 147444 graphic designer point of view, here’s what it looks like.

1.Client meets graphic designer to discuss elaborate plans to market, advertise or promote their products. Potentially, there’s a chance thatrepparttar 147445 client wants (needs)repparttar 147446 graphic designer to ‘revamp’repparttar 147447 whole image and identity ofrepparttar 147448 client company. Client gets all hyped up aboutrepparttar 147449 potential mullah that will roll into their bank account. Graphic Designer hyperventilates and salivates atrepparttar 147450 imagined amount onrepparttar 147451 invoice 2.Graphic Designer proposes some concepts and ideas. Client says that it’s not EXACTLY what they had in mind and asksrepparttar 147452 graphic designer to come up with more ideas. Forrepparttar 147453 graphic designer, this is like being handed a really enormous machine gun to just shoot around inrepparttar 147454 dark, hoping to hitrepparttar 147455 target onrepparttar 147456 dot, you get what I mean? 3.The process gets dragged on. Graphic designer gets frustrated because client is not able to dispense of his idea because he doesn’t KNOW what he wants but knows it only when he sees it. 4.Client consults other people inrepparttar 147457 company and a whole bunch of people gets thrown intorepparttar 147458 picture with their own ideas and proposals. 5.Graphic designer and client sit down in a limp heap of entangled flesh, not knowing what to do now because months have been wasted testing and trying. Now, we start all over again…..

Knowing what you want right fromrepparttar 147459 start is important. If you have no idea what it is that you want to achieve with your new marketing stuff, sit down with your staff BEFORE you getrepparttar 147460 graphic designer to do any work. Now, this is a very important point, so, let me say it again….CONSULT WITH YOUR PEOPLE BEFORE YOU GET YOUR GRAPHIC DESIGNER TO DO ANY WORK!

The Marketability of Brochures

Written by Mart Gil Abareta

Brochures are generally used to give clients or customer some necessary information regardingrepparttar products, services or events of a business or company. They can describerepparttar 147391 benefits in buying something from a company and can also present pictures for better understanding. Similar torepparttar 147392 other advertising materials, they are also designed to generate more sales and profits for a business, and create interest among consumers.

Basically, there are lots of options when it comes to brochure printing. The type of product or service you are advertising must be presented inrepparttar 147393 most attractive and interesting manner possible to drawrepparttar 147394 attention of your readers. Therefore, you have to consider your target audience inrepparttar 147395 production of your brochures. You might need to incorporate more colors and a compelling design inrepparttar 147396 brochures if you want to capturerepparttar 147397 interest of your target clients.

Another important consideration in brochure printing is its size. This is expected to make a big difference too. Even though most brochures are generally small in size, it’s still your prerogative if which size will really work for you. Basically, it will depend onrepparttar 147398 amount of information that you’ll include in it and where they will be placed. Simple-looking brochures that show professionalism are preferable if you have lots of customers passing through your company business or company.

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