How to use the power of resolution in business?

Written by Carl Cholette

Resolution isrepparttar directing and impelling force in individual progress. Without it no substantial work can be accomplished. Not until a man brings resolution to bear upon his life does he consciously and rapidly develop, for a life without resolution is a life without aims, and a life without aims is a drifting and unstable thing. Resolution may of course be linked to downward tendencies, but it is more usuallyrepparttar 149329 companion of noble aims and lofty ideals, and I am dealing with it in this its highest use and application. When a man makes a resolution, it means that he is dissatisfied with his condition, and is commencing to take himself in hand with a view to producing a better piece of workmanship out ofrepparttar 149330 mental materials of which his character and life are composed, and in so far as he is true to his resolution he will succeed in accomplishing his purpose.

The vows ofrepparttar 149331 saintly once are holy resolutions directed toward some victory over self, andrepparttar 149332 beautiful achievements of holy men andrepparttar 149333 glorious conquests ofrepparttar 149334 Divine Teachers were rendered possible and actual byrepparttar 149335 pursuit of unswerving resolution.

To arrive atrepparttar 149336 fixed determination to walk a higher path than heretofore, although it revealsrepparttar 149337 great difficulties which have to be surmounted, it yet makes possiblerepparttar 149338 treading of that path, and illuminates its dark places withrepparttar 149339 golden halo of success.

The true resolution isrepparttar 149340 crisis of long thought, protracted struggle, or fervent but unsatisfied aspiration. It is no light thing, no whimsical impulse or vague desire, but a solemn and irrevocable determination not to rest nor cease from effort untilrepparttar 149341 high purpose which is held in view is fully accomplished.

Half-hearted and premature resolution is no resolution at all, and is shattered atrepparttar 149342 first difficulty. A man should be slow to form a resolution. He should searchingly examine his position and take into consideration every circumstance and difficulty connected with his decision, and should be fully prepared to meet them. He should be sure that he completely understandsrepparttar 149343 nature of his resolution, that his mind is finally made up, and that he is without fear and doubt inrepparttar 149344 matter. Withrepparttar 149345 mind thus prepared,repparttar 149346 resolution that is formed will not be departed from, and byrepparttar 149347 aid of it a man will, in due time, accomplish his strong purpose.

How to Prosper Because of Your Competition

Written by Bill Dueease

If you’ve been considering your competitors as roadblocks, or hindrances, you 've been overlooking an important springboard to success. Business owners frequently consider their competition asrepparttar enemy. Many focus on "beatingrepparttar 149282 other guy" because that’s how they measure their success—just like in sports, where one side has to beatrepparttar 149283 other to win. However, by focusing on beatingrepparttar 149284 competition, you will divert yourself from your real objectives: increasing profits, gaining more time and gaining more control. Bottom line, you will succeed at these goals only by improving yourself and your business, regardless ofrepparttar 149285 competition. You can use your competition to further your own prosperity. Let’s look at how this can be done. Phase 1: Face Your Competition The first step in prospering because of competition is to identify and analyzerepparttar 149286 “Real Competition.” It’s frequently not readily apparent. Sure, your business might have new and unique products or services, but whenrepparttar 149287 needs they actually fulfill are defined, you’ll discover that many other types of products and/or services fulfill similar (if notrepparttar 149288 same) ones. The second step is to evaluate your competition thoroughly—to know more about them than they or your potential customers do. You gain considerable knowledge and power by doing this, which you will be able to use duringrepparttar 149289 next step. Phase 2: Embrace Your Competition The next step is to embrace your competition. That’s right! In fact, you want and need competition. Here are several ofrepparttar 149290 reasons why:

•Your potential customers need to compare your business and your products and/or services to someone or something in order to see and feel that your products and/or services providerepparttar 149291 best deal for them. Everything is relative, and comparison in buying is a very natural thing.

•You need your competition as a place to send unwanted customers. That is . . . a.You need to avoid and/or get relief from bad customer experiences. You quite often spend too much time, money and effort on extremely demanding, very price conscious, "unappeasable" customers, who almost always produce no profits and sometimes create losses. Even worse, they distract you from your best customers, who drift away in silence. b.You might as well let your competitors deal with these problem people and thus probably overlookrepparttar 149292 better ones—who might seek you out. c.You show strength to customers when you don’t fear competition. Many potential customers will try to threaten you and your business with "The Competition" as a negotiating tactic. Your confident understanding of your competitors and of your desirable customers will allow you to educate them torepparttar 149293 real differences. This is how you can position your business favorably.

•You need to be pushed to continually improve. Monopolies create terrible consequences. Competition creates a desire to keep getting better. By not improving, a business is not standing still—in reality it’s declining toward its demise.

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