How to use MP3

Written by Ross MacIver

MP3 isrepparttar most popular compression format for audio files. In this article, we will take a look at how MP3 works and how you can make your own MP3 files.

Uncompressed audio files are very large. A 1-minute CD quality stereo song requires approximately 10 MB of hard disk space. Without compression to reduce this size, relatively few songs would be able to be stored on a computer hard drive, and compact devices like portable MP3 players would not exist, or would cost thousands of dollars.

The same one-minute audio file can be encoded in MP3 format and only require about 1 MB of disk space. This amazing reduction in file size is accomplished by discarding some ofrepparttar 137029 audio data that is outsiderepparttar 137030 hearing range ofrepparttar 137031 typical listener. An MP3 file will sound almost as good asrepparttar 137032 original CD butrepparttar 137033 file size will be about one-tenth.

There is a balance between how much audio data can be removed andrepparttar 137034 quality ofrepparttar 137035 sound. The most common MP3 compression uses 128 kilobits per second (kbps), but many people claim there is a noticeable amount of distortion at this setting. For people with critical listening requirements, 160 kbps isrepparttar 137036 minimum setting Ė it produces files which are slightly larger than 128 kbps butrepparttar 137037 sound is closer to CD quality. Lower settings such as 96 kbps or 64 kbps introduce noticeable noise intorepparttar 137038 audio. They are suitable for spoken voice recordings but not for music.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Written by Tamika Johnson

'The Hitchhikers Guide torepparttar Galaxy' hadrepparttar 137015 potential to berepparttar 137016 best movie ofrepparttar 137017 year. And yes, I sincerely mean that. Really, look at all it had going for it: itís based on a classic book that has a cult following that could rivalrepparttar 137018 'Lord ofrepparttar 137019 Rings' trilogy. A very funny and talented cast that includes Tim Freeman (BBC hit series 'The Office') as everyman Arthur Dent, Sam Rockwell asrepparttar 137020 two headed, split brain, charming President ofrepparttar 137021 Galaxy Zaphod Beeblevrox, Alan Rickman asrepparttar 137022 voice ofrepparttar 137023 paranoid android Marvin who incidentally resembles an oversized storm trooper and Mos Def asrepparttar 137024 quirky and lovable, towel wielding alien and author ofrepparttar 137025 guide, Ford Perfect. Throw inrepparttar 137026 fact that Jim Hensonís Puppet Shop created all ofrepparttar 137027 aliens and creatures inrepparttar 137028 film so none of them end up looking like bad CGI you should have a innovative, funny, and ingenious movie on your handsÖ.but thatís not what happened, not quite anyway.

'Hitchhiker' ultimately gets bogged down in its own grandness. Thereís just too much stuff. There are too many aliens, too many crazy sets, too many gadgets that have to be figured out and just too much going on to really have time to digest it all. The obvious meticulous care that was taken to bring this visually stunning world to life happened atrepparttar 137029 expense of true character and plot development.

We donít getrepparttar 137030 opportunity to know more about Ford Perfect, or why Zaphod has such a problem with Humma Kavula (John Malkovich) or even why Humma Kavula wantsrepparttar 137031 gun he sends Zaphod after. We get very brief explanations as to why Zaphod has two heads and how he managed to become president ofrepparttar 137032 galaxy given his questionable intelligence quotient. Andrepparttar 137033 movie spends an excessive amount of time explainingrepparttar 137034 Vogons a very bureaucratic and disagreeable species of aliens that spend much ofrepparttar 137035 movie chasingrepparttar 137036 heroes but not enough screen time to warrant allrepparttar 137037 details on who they are and what they are like. I would have rather more explanation ofrepparttar 137038 relationship between Arthur and Ford or perhaps Arthurís love interest Tricia (Zooey Deschanel) and her relationship with Zaphod.

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