How to use “Surf for Hits” Pages Successfully

Written by Trevor Gray ( The Ebuiz Guy)

Did you ever wonder how people can get thousands of hits to there website with very little effort, I used to think it allrepparttar time until I found outrepparttar 117163 successful way to generate hits through Surf for Hits Pages.

You can generate thousands of hits to your website daily by following a few simple rules when using Surf for Hits pages. Surf for Hits pages are designed to send traffic to your site by viewing other peoples sites or promotions. These pages can help sell any product you have and build any business you are tying to succeed in onrepparttar 117164 Internet providing you use them properly.

One ofrepparttar 117165 very first things I would recommend before starting to sign up for a bunch of Surf for Hits programs would be to set yourself up with a good page rotator especially if you are going to promote more than one business opportunity or sales page at one time. By using a rotator you can have all your programs being rotated by one program and when you sign up for surf for Hits Pages you will always be asked which url you want to use to promote your product for that surf for hits page. Now that you have your rotator setup with allrepparttar 117166 programs you want to promote all you need to do when signing up forrepparttar 117167 hits programs is promote one url which is your rotator url. Using a rotator makes it very easy to manage allrepparttar 117168 programs you are promoting.

In order for you to get hundreds of people to view your programs daily you are going to need to sign up for at least 30 Surf for Hits programs. The reason I say this is because if you signed up for only 1 or 2 programs you would need to sit at your computer for hours surfing pages in these programs in order for you to get a couple hundred people to view your pages. That is a lot of hours you are going to waste sitting in front of your computer not to mentionrepparttar 117169 headache you would have looking atrepparttar 117170 computer screen for that amount of time.

We know that 99% ofrepparttar 117171 Surf for Hits programs offer a 2:1 hit ratio meaning every time you surf 2 times your page gets shown 1 time. We also know that when you are viewing a page there is at least a 15 second wait before you can go on and view another page. If you click to view another page beforerepparttar 117172 15 seconds is up, and some programs up to 30 seconds, you will not get credit for viewing that page and therefore wasting your time.

Why You Can't Afford To Be An Employee in America

Written by Sopan Greene, M.A.,

"Mr. Robert Jackson died yesterday of complications from doing a lifetime of crap that he didn't really want to do. His condition was further complicated because he also failed to do much, if any, of what he did want to do. Experts report that he died from cramming someone else's idea of life into his body, his brain, and his life ...Miserable in his last years, he passed unpeacefully yesterday at his home. He was surrounded by colleagues fromrepparttar job he hated, and family members who were all just as miserable as he was." (exerpt from "Self Matters" by Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D.)

Does this sound familiar? I hope not, but it may. Have you ever wondered howrepparttar 117162 wealthy became wealthy? Have you ever wondered whyrepparttar 117163 poor stay poor? Have you ever wondered why employees stay poor?

Forget wealthy, how about how you can maintain your current lifestyle without being chained to a job you hate forrepparttar 117164 rest of your life?

If you're an employee and you care about your future then you better be wondering. The latest statistics on life inrepparttar 117165 good 'ole USA tell a frightening but true story.

In America, after 40 years of working this is what life looks like today:

-29% are dead -63% depend on family and social security

Which means that 92% ofrepparttar 117166 working American population can look forward to being dead or dead broke when they are 60 years old. This doesn't mention that they were also miserable for 40 years on their way to becoming dead or dead broke. Is that your future?

-4% are financially secure -3% are still working -1% are wealthy

Are these people that much different than you? No! They just have different values of how to invest in (not spend) their time, energy and money.

60% of American families are living at or belowrepparttar 117167 poverty level as I write this. That's 140 Million people.

Over 50,000 jobs are cut each year. Inrepparttar 117168 last four months of 2001repparttar 117169 U.S. Labor Department reported that 1.1 MILLION nonfarm jobs were eliminated. That wasn't forrepparttar 117170 year, that was only for four months!

Parents have it rougher than singles do. 1 out of 5 parents works 2 jobs.

Women have it even rougher than men do. Nearly half of working mothers are single parents working 2 jobs.

Children are left to be raised by strangers, which kind of defeatsrepparttar 117171 purpose of being a parent. 74% of children inrepparttar 117172 U.S. are cared for by people other than their parents for most of each week.

So now you're depressed and thinking, "Why did I read this guy's article?" Well, you read it because nothing in life is all good or all bad. Besides that, ignorance may be bliss, but not if you want a better life my friend. It's time to exit fantasyland.

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