How to tell if you are a literary snob

Written by David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy

"I don't know if I should put 'writer' on my business card," I murmured.

"Then don't," my wife said in her infinite wisdom. "Put 'author' on it."

"But if I put 'author' on, none of those big companies with overflowing coffers will want to hire me as a writer," I said, wondering if George Bush needed a speechwriter or if General Motors wanted someone to writerepparttar owner's manual for next year's Oldsmobile.

"Fine. Put 'writer' on your card then, and all those fancy people you give it to will know you can write for them."

"But writer looks so small," I pointed out. "I also want Fortune 500 companies to hire me as a speaker, and nobody important hires a writer to speak. They hire authors."

"OK, why don't you put both?" she offered.

"Ho, right. That'll impress them. A writer who can't even write his own business card with duplicating his redundancies," I said. "I might as well shoot myself with my own sword."

Inrepparttar 129390 end, I put "author", figuring I would get most writing jobs overrepparttar 129391 Internet, but when I speak live I would have to hand out cards to lots of people. An author's autograph would make those people giddy as strawberry Jell-O onrepparttar 129392 Amtrak Express. Those same people would search nervously for a graceful retreat fromrepparttar 129393 company of a mere writer.

What is it about being an author.? You can author an article or a report or just about anything. And you can berepparttar 129394 author of just about anything (including "your own misfortunes"). But you can't be "an author - period" unless you've published a book.

Big warning: writing a book does not count. I have a friend who wrote a book. That makes him a writer, not an author. When he publishes it, only THEN will he be a real author and only THEN will he be entitled to learnrepparttar 129395 authors' secret handshake. Don't try sneaking intorepparttar 129396 clubhouse onrepparttar 129397 scant pretext that your wrote a book. Anybody can write a book. Even a writer. You have to publishrepparttar 129398 book to get through these gates of glory.

But if my friend does publish, and he does become an author, and he does learnrepparttar 129399 secret hand shake, then he'll be ready to cross that threshold of pride when a reader he's never met before tells him, "I just couldn't put your book down."

How to Find a Good Content Writer

Written by Heather Reimer

More and more writers are piling ontorepparttar web to offer you their expert writing services. But are they really experts?

Here's how to tell ifrepparttar 129386 copywriter or content writer you're considering hasrepparttar 129387 "write" stuff:

1. What credentials do they bring torepparttar 129388 job? Find out if they have an appropriate background like journalism, advertising or public relations.

2. How many years of writing experience do they have? Look for someone with a portfolio that goes back before there was an Internet.

3. Does their own website meet your standards for well-written content? If it's riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes or seems unclear, you know you're dealing with a wanna-be and not a pro.

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