How to tap into the Google AdWords PPC Goldmine ?

Written by Shrinivas Vaidya

Dear friends,

Google,repparttar most populated search engine onrepparttar 145262 Internet, offers a great advertising tool called AdWords.

AdWords was launched in March 2002 with a purpose of providing highly targeted advertising solutions to marketers and over a few years it has shows remarkable growth as far asrepparttar 145263 popularity is concerned.

How doesrepparttar 145264 entire system work?

There is a simple 5 step process to carry out.

1)Selectrepparttar 145265 geographical location, where you want your ad to get displayed.

2)Writerepparttar 145266 ad with Title, 2 lines of description andrepparttar 145267 display and destination URL's.

3)Select keywords that will triggerrepparttar 145268 ad .

4)Selectrepparttar 145269 amount you wish to pay when and only when someone click on your ad.

5)Selectrepparttar 145270 daily budget.

That's it and your ad starts running immediately.

I have seen traffic coming in less than 15 minutes. Since your ads get triggered because ofrepparttar 145271 keywords you select,repparttar 145272 traffic you are getting is highly targeted.

I have been using AdWords for almost 8 months and has seen a conversion rate of as good as 13%. This is not because I have good copywriting skills, but because ofrepparttar 145273 excellent keyword selection facilities insiderepparttar 145274 AdWords system.

The success on AdWords is largely dependent on keyword selection. Tools such as overture, Worfdtracker are a great help for marketers.

The best part aboutrepparttar 145275 AdWordds systems is that morerepparttar 145276 number of people click on your ad,repparttar 145277 lesser you have to pay. This clearly means that any average person can safely compete with big corporate players, paying much less and getting much more targeted traffic atrepparttar 145278 same time.

But before doing so it is extremely important to learn how to handle various keyword options insiderepparttar 145279 AdWords system. Because ofrepparttar 145280 excellent keywords analysis abilities it is possible to get good results inrepparttar 145281 highly competitive markets as well.

Here are some ofrepparttar 145282 more wonderful features ofrepparttar 145283 AdWords system.

[x]The ability to PAUSE/RESUME you ad at any time. If you think that you are overspending on you ad campaigns, you

can immediately pauserepparttar 145284 ad campaigns.

[X]The ability to select geographical destinations such as selected countries or even cities in selected countries

A Simple Secret To Seducing The Search Engines

Written by Jason Potash

Inrepparttar Internet Marketing community, "traffic" and search engine mastery are hot topics these days...

People will do almost ANYTHING just to get their site indexed by Google faster... to boost their Page Rank quicker... to drive more traffic immediately... and to get a ton of incoming links to their website right away...

Yes, even if it involves handing over $137 forrepparttar 145119 latest push-button traffic software or search engine trick.

Why allrepparttar 145120 fuss?

In this article, I'm going to reveal to you a simple, no cost way to makerepparttar 145121 search engines crawl all over your website like ants on a melted popsicle.

PLUS... you will start to get laser-targeted traffic and boost your search engine rankings almost instantly. Not to mention, you'll have (at least) 100 quality links back to your website within a week.

And this doesn't involve any SEO hocus-pocus, buying into some new "killer" traffic booster software, or trying outrepparttar 145122 latest scheme to fool Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

Nope. This stuff is 100% legit, above-board, and has already worked for years.

Let me give you a quick example. Recently I created a little "test" website.

The search engines didn't know about it. It had no incoming links. No traffic. No SE rankings...ZIP!

Fast forward 7 days... My website was indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN, it got well over 200 incoming links and started to generate traffic... shortly thereafter, Google granted my site a Page Rank 3.

Again, this did not cost a penny, just a few hours of my time. I created a play-by-play video that showsrepparttar 145123 website and how I did it (seerepparttar 145124 weblink below).

Here's another example: An "average guy" decided to try this same strategy. He now has #1-#8 rankings on allrepparttar 145125 major search engines. You can listen to him explain how de did it during a recent audio interview:

(Note: After you click above, look underrepparttar 145126 "June 20th" post and clickrepparttar 145127 MP3 audio button and video button onrepparttar 145128 site)

So, how can you get these same kind of results?

I wish I could make this sound more complicated but, all that you need to do is simply submit one article to a handful of Article Directories.

Writing and submitting articles has long been a proven, time-tested strategy for increasing traffic, subscribers and sales.

But now in 2005, articles have re-emerged in a BIG way, thanks to recent information leaked by Google within their US Patent Application 20050071741.

We now know that quality content and incoming links are essential (now, more than ever) torepparttar 145129 survival of your websites withinrepparttar 145130 search engines.

Bottom line. You need to start creating and submitting articles to get allrepparttar 145131 benefits I just outlined above.

In fact, Google is practically telling you to do so!

But, where do you start? Where should you submit your articles?

Here's a blueprint that outlinesrepparttar 145132 7 keys to writing successful articles.

Follow these 7 keys and you are guaranteed to get more traffic, more incoming links and higher search engine rankings and page rank, by simply distributing your articles acrossrepparttar 145133 Internet.

Let's get started.

Key #1: Choose a HOT Topic

You'll need to do a little research on this one. If you are already familiar withrepparttar 145134 target market for your article, this should come easy. Research, spy, observe. Do whatever it takes to understand your target market. What issues are hot? What topics currently appear within top ezines, messageboards, ebooks? What keywords are they using to search online?

It's also a good idea to frequently visit article directories and content sites. These sites contain current articles on a variety of popular topics. Often, you can viewrepparttar 145135 most popular article topics (or clicks) as well.

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