How to succeed as a web host reseller

Written by Luis Peres

Web hosting services are in very high demand and therefore any re-seller who knows what they are doing can make a bundle quickly without too much trouble.

However, just like in any other business, one needs to be cautious and to be very much aware of exactly what they are doing.

The first and most important thing you need to do is find a reliable web hosting service. And that host also needs to have a good reseller program. There are not too many around that have this ideal combination but they are there, if you know where to look.

A reliable web host will mean thatrepparttar clients you sign up will not run into problems and in case they do,repparttar 134308 host must be able to provide proper customer service and respond quickly to any technical problems. This is very important because your reseller business will grow much faster if your current customers are able to refer others. Or if you can refer prospective customers to a portfolio of satisfied current clients.

You will be able to earn more with hosts that already have reseller programs as they will already have good packages on offer that you need to pay very little for and yet have high revenue potential with. Some reseller programs are specifically designed so that resellers are able to enterrepparttar 134309 web hosting business with very low overheads.

These days we have hosting services that have flexible plans. This will enable you to sign on a higher volume of customers and should also give you a more reliable and steady stream of income. In one popular program I knowrepparttar 134310 reseller pays only $ 29.95 per Month for 2 GB space/10 GB Bandwidth. Ifrepparttar 134311 reseller has 100 accounts hosted @ $ 6.00/month. He has to bill his customers every month and will get paid a total of $ 600 income ($ 570.95 Profit)

The most overlooked hurdle to e-commerce success

Written by Luis Perez

E-commerce success remains frustratingly elusive for many even as trends clearly show thatrepparttar Internet is a medium that will continue to have a huge impact acrossrepparttar 134307 board onrepparttar 134308 entire business landscape. This impact will not even spare totally offline companies, as they too will need to adjust torepparttar 134309 rapidly changing offline business environment that has been affected by developments online.

So while everybody knows that they will have to pay a lot of attention torepparttar 134310 net, many failed web entrepreneurs canít quite put their fingers on what they did wrong, or where exactlyrepparttar 134311 problem was.

So what isrepparttar 134312 most overlooked hurdle to success? Experts believe that it is Internet marketing and specifically search engine optimization and visibility.

Everybody knows that web sites get a vast majority of their new visits through search engines. Most net surfers will go straight to their favorite search engine and then use key words to look forrepparttar 134313 information that they are looking for. In this way, they make use ofrepparttar 134314 internetís advantage of having virtually unlimited information and a wide choice of service providers in virtually any discipline one can think of, plus thousands of others one will never think of. The World Wide Web is a huge place and so if key words in a search engine will not find you, it means that hardly anybody will be able to find your expensive, state-of-the-art web site.

Life is now being made easier by some good hosting companies. These companies have realized that search engines are a key to success and have therefore included search engine optimization services intorepparttar 134315 range of products they offer as web hosting providers.

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