How to select a WEB HOST - Web Hosting Review

Written by REBOOK SRS

Here are some things you should look for when comparing basic web hosts:

1)How much storage space doesrepparttar web host provide? 2)How much does each additional meg of storage space cost? 3)How much bandwidth is allowed each month? 4)How much does it cost for each additional gig of data transfer? 5)Which OS doesrepparttar 105954 server use? (Linux or Windows?) 6)Is CGI-Bin access allowed? 7)Are any pre-configured scripts installed? Which ones? 8)How many FTP accounts are included? 9)Is a shell account included? 10)Is there a database? What is it? 11)Is there support for JSP, Java Servlets, Perl, C++, TCL, PHP, and Python? 12)Will you have access to your raw server log files?

How You Pay More for Unused Web Space and Traffic

Written by Subhendu Sen

"2GB web space with 50GB traffic for $5.95 per month!"

A luring ad—definitely. In fact this ad makes many small business owners feel cheated by their present web hosts.

This is howrepparttar small business owners, who have taken small amount of space (say, 5, 10 or 25mb) calculate and feel that they are paying more :

"If 2000MB (2GB) costs $5.95 per month, then 5MB should cost (5.95 x 5 / 2000) = $0.15 only! But my web host charges me $1! A 700% profit!! Oh...I am losing so much money!!"

So, if a small business site shifts torepparttar 105953 advertised web host, he should get better value for his money. Right?


Let me explain how :

As a small business owner, how many HTML pages do you have in your web site? 5, 10, 15, 25?

Experts say that you should not have a page of more than 100K including images. Normallyrepparttar 105954 file size of a starndard HTML page is around 10-15K.

Remember that, many ofrepparttar 105955 images linked to your pages are common. If you have a 400x300 pixel image,repparttar 105956 file size of that image should not be more than 30K. Buttons are normally between 3-5K.

So, let's take an example of 25 page web site, which has (a) 25 HTML pages, (b) each page has one big image of 400x300 pixel and (c) have 25 buttons.

So,repparttar 105957 total space usage is :

25 HTMLs x 15K = 375K 25 400x300 pixel images x 30K = 750K 25 buttons x 5K = 125K

Total : 1250K = 1.25MB

You need space for mail. How many email accounts do you need? 5, 10, 25? How much space you want to allocate for each mail box? Do you get large attachments? Your can set your email software to delete mails fromrepparttar 105958 server (immediately or after few days) after you download them to your computer. So, if you check your mails every hour and keep your mail space clean for receiving further mails, you may safely allocate 1mb for each email accounts. If you are using only one email account, you can userepparttar 105959 entire free space for your email.

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