How to republish RSS feeds on your website

Written by Allan Burns

In this article I am going to cover some tools that you can use that will allow you to publish RSS feeds on your site. This will allow you to have fresh, updated content on your site and you have control of what sort of content you display and how often it is updated.

First off if you do not know much about RSS or feel you require more information take a look at this RSS publishers FAQ and then rejoin us again later.

There are several ways you can go about publishing RSS content, two of which this article will cover are using third party software that will take care ofrepparttar RSS republishing for you. The second is to use some freely available PHP code to generate your RSS pages.

If you do not what PHP is or have little knowledge or PHP or programming then I would recommend that you use RSS Equalizer which takes care ofrepparttar 135518 complicated stuff for you. RSS Equalizer produces HTML format pages that it has transformed fromrepparttar 135519 RSS feeds it is using as its source.

Using QuickSub to make it easier for your visitors to subscribe to your feed

Written by Allan Burns

You can make it easier for your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed. With a free and easy to install javascript function you can addrepparttar QuickSub feed button to your webpage in just a few minutes. Let me show you just how easy it is.

QuickSub is a javascript mouseover function that produces a list of RSS feed readers that you can use to subscribe to your RSS news feed with one click. You can see it in action on my RSS resource site, just moverepparttar 135253 mouse overrepparttar 135254 subscribe link. You should see a list of RSS feed readers. If you click on one ofrepparttar 135255 news reader links it will open up that RSS reader and add this feed to it. You will needrepparttar 135256 particular news reader installed on your computer for this to work. So for example if your visitor uses SharpReader as their RSS reader then they would click onrepparttar 135257 Sharpreader link and this would add your feed to your visitors RSS reader.

To use QuickSub on your site you will first need to downloadrepparttar 135258 javascript and CSS files from QuickSubs site. The file is compressed so you will need to unziprepparttar 135259 file which will leave you with quicksub.css and quicksub.js as well as a sample html file.

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