How to rank well in the search engines.

Written by Clare Lawrence

How to rank well inrepparttar search engines. By Clare Lawrence 30th May 2004

I get this question allrepparttar 127881 time!.

Everyone wants to be listed onrepparttar 127882 first few pages ofrepparttar 127883 search engines.

Here is what I tell my customers:-

a) Firstly do your research, being atrepparttar 127884 top may not be allrepparttar 127885 helpful! I have sites listed at No1 or 2 for less popular phrases and they only get a couple of visits a week.

b) To get torepparttar 127886 top, you need good content, that means usingrepparttar 127887 phrases your looking for inrepparttar 127888 title tags, and onrepparttar 127889 page atrepparttar 127890 right density.

c) Use of links. Anchor text links are very important particularly for Google,repparttar 127891 leading search engine. But links are not enough on their own. Links need to come from pages that are also related torepparttar 127892 same theme and are also highly ranked.

Want a better website ranking?

Written by Clare Lawrence

Want a better website ranking? By Clare Lawrence 8th June 2004

Almost everyone wants to improve their rankings inrepparttar search engines, also known as Search engine results placement. How to do it? The web is full of services offering to submit your website to 1,000ís of search engines and directories for $19.99.

As you might imagine nearly all of these services produce very disappointing results.

How should I go about it? I focus on Google,repparttar 127880 leading search engine as it currently accounts for about 56% of global web searches. I have also learnt by painful and expensive experience but got there.

Play byrepparttar 127881 rules

First things first. Google is fighting a war against spammers, those who attempt to artificially inflate their SERPS. To be successful inrepparttar 127882 long run you need to keep torepparttar 127883 guidelines. Google helpfully publishes these at

If you have spammed your site in an attempt to get torepparttar 127884 top, then perhaps now isrepparttar 127885 time to de-spam it.

Content is King

Search engines are looking for content that is relevant,repparttar 127886 results shown from a search sort in to orderrepparttar 127887 sites by order of relevance. The more a page is about a subjectrepparttar 127888 better its ranking will be.

Decide on what keywords you want to rank under.

Then use these keywords on a page regularly, this increases itís a pages relevance, but not if you get too carried away, thatís spamming.


Googleís PageRank technology measuresrepparttar 127889 importance of a site byrepparttar 127890 number of pages that link to it. The greaterrepparttar 127891 number of inward links your site has thenrepparttar 127892 more valuable its page are viewed to be. Particularly important isrepparttar 127893 use of keywords as anchor text, for examplerepparttar 127894 phrase Domain Name Registration when linked to a page about domain names, gives a boost torepparttar 127895 destination site.

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