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=An Affiliate program will enable you to recruit an unlimited number of individuals to sell a product or service for you. The key to obtaining affiliates is to offer a nice commission for each sale. The higherrepparttar commissions,repparttar 102562 more affiliates you'll recruit.

=There are thousands of affiliate programs onrepparttar 102563 Internet. In order to be successful you must sell your affiliate program just like a product. In other words, your affiliate letter should be written like a sales letter. You must persuade your visitors to join your affiliate program by packing your affiliate sales letter with benefits. Tell them exactly what your affiliate program will do for them, how much commission they will receive and makerepparttar 102564 sign-up process simple.

=One tier affiliate programs pay commissions on one level. For each sale an affiliate makes, they will receive a commission.

Affiliate Programs - What Are They

Written by Lois R. Thompson

Affiliate Programs - What Are They by Lois R. Thompson (c)

In recent years Affiliate Program marketing has takenrepparttar Internet by storm. Many surveys have demonstrated that Affiliate Marketing can berepparttar 102561 most cost effective method to promote your website and quickly generate additional streams of income. For example, Forrester Research has rated Affiliate Marketing asrepparttar 102562 most effective of all online marketing methods.

Jupiter Communications claims that, "By 2002, 25 percent ofrepparttar 102563 expected $37.5 billion in Internet retail sales, not including autos, will have originated on Affiliate sites."

Some ofrepparttar 102564 giants offering affiliate programs are: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Microsoft, The, and many smaller but well-managed companies.

Affiliate Programs offer a wide range of products and services, many of which are needed by All Internet marketers. The wide range of products and services offered by Affiliate programs are software, web hosting, auto-responders, marketing, art, books, e-books, music, movies, etc... Almost any type of product or service can be packaged and sold using an affiliate program. You'll find that many ofrepparttar 102565 products and/or services needed to support your MLM are Affiliate Programs.

What Is An Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs are also known as associate, reseller, or referral programs. They are revenue sharing programs between companies (the merchant) and individuals (the affiliate). An Affiliate can be likened to an independent contractor. Affiliates are basically self-employed people who are marketingrepparttar 102566 products and or services of another company. They are then paid byrepparttar 102567 company they represent for referring customers torepparttar 102568 company's website.

This strikes a wonderful partnership betweenrepparttar 102569 company andrepparttar 102570 affiliate, offering a Win-Win situation for both parties. The benefit torepparttar 102571 company in soliciting an affiliate to promote their product or service is, that they save inrepparttar 102572 cost of advertising. The benefit torepparttar 102573 affiliate is that they do not have to develop their own product, stock inventory or worry about e-commerce,repparttar 102574 order processing or payroll for that matter. It allows them to take an already developed product or service directly to market and focus on marketing. Affiliate programs are fairly simple to work and will allow you to operate your on-line business much more efficiently while increasing your income drastically.

The Best Affiliate programs, offer a Two-tier pay plan. First, you earn commissions for signing up associates on your first level, as well as earning additional commissions on their sales. However, if you find an Affiliate program which pays only on one level but allows you to earn residual income this is an excellent opportunity.

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