How to prepare the best Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Written by Anita Frogel

Would you like to preparerepparttar best Garlic Mashed Potatoes that you enjoy at your favorite restaurant, but have no idea where to start to achieve that wonderful and delightful flavor?

There are a variety of ways to createrepparttar 135784 best garlic mashed potatoes that you have ever tasted but when it comes down to which way is best is according to your own taste buds.

When you take a look at garlic you will see that there are various kinds of garlic that you can use for your mashed potatoes such as German red garlic, Spanish Roja garlic, Leningrad garlic, and Yugoslavian. You can find all of these garlicís in a powder form or use fresh garlic. So,repparttar 135785 first thing you need to do is decide which garlic you would like to use. Personally, I like using fresh minced garlic cloves.

There are two popular ways to preparerepparttar 135786 best garlic mashed potatoes. With this recipe you will use garlic powder instead of fresh garlic. Forrepparttar 135787 first recipe you will need enough potatoes to feed your family or guests. The rule of thumb is one medium potato per person. But, my family love potatoes, so I have to use 2 per person. Now you will need milk or cream, butter or margarine, salt and pepper and your garlic powder choice. You can either wash and peel your potatoes or you may wash your potatoes and boil them withrepparttar 135788 skins on. Cut your potatoes into chunks and boil until tender. Drain and pour into mixing bowl. Add salt, pepper garlic powder and margarine and blend with your electric mixer untilrepparttar 135789 combined well. Now, add a bit of milk or cream and beat again until smooth. Add more milk until you achieve your desired consistency.

How to prepare the perfect garlic lemon chicken

Written by Anita Frogel

If you want to preparerepparttar perfect garlic lemon chicken then you should try this recipe. This is one ofrepparttar 135783 easiest and best recipes around for creating delicious garlic lemon chicken.

Letís get all ofrepparttar 135784 ingredients together that you will need to prepare this wonderful chicken dish. You can either purchase a whole chicken and then cut it into pieces or just buyrepparttar 135785 cuts that your family enjoys such as chicken thighs or breasts. You will also need 10 cloves of minced garlic, 4 tablespoons of margarine, 3 large lemons, 1 teaspoon of dried oregano, salt, pepper, and parsley.

You should begin by preheating your broiler. Take your chicken and rinse underwater and skin, then rinse again well under cold water and place in a large baking dish. Squeezerepparttar 135786 lemons and reserverepparttar 135787 juice. Sprinkle about one half ofrepparttar 135788 garlic overrepparttar 135789 chicken

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