How to plan a website to market your home based business part1

Written by Kathy Joyce

How to plan a website to market your home based business part1

If you plan to start or already have a home based business then a website is something you should give serious thought to. It's an inexpensive way to market your products and services.

If you sell products you can have an online catalogue which you can update, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You could set up an e-shop quite easily and accept orders from customers anywhere inrepparttar world.

Building a website yourself may seem daunting if you have had little experience ofrepparttar 117173 internet and don't know how to use HTML, but don't despair!!

At one time website building was only for those who where technically minded and had a lot of knowledge about computers, but with some ofrepparttar 117174 easy to use webdesign software available you can do it.

For a very easy to use and inexpensive at 15 piece of webdesign software, download webcreator. It's great for first time webdesigners.

Frontpage is fairly inexpensive and not to difficult to learn how to use. I built my first site using Frontpage. Get a free trial download.

Dreamweaver is more expensive but they do have a 30 day trial download. You get easy to follow tutorials and and extensive manual with it. drc/index.cfm?product=dreamweaver

It may be useful to learn some basic HTML as it will enable you to fine tune pages and add your own coding. For a free online course go to

Over several articles I will try and help you to put together a site that will be profitable and bring in targeted traffic.

Before you even begin to design your site you must ask yourselfrepparttar 117175 following questions.

1 What isrepparttar 117176 purpose of your website? Is it to sell products, promote a service, provide information or build a downline.

2 Who are your target audience? They may be students, single parents wanting an extra income, or anyone interested in your services or products that you are selling.

Build Winning Alliances

Written by Debra S. Valle

Many professionals suspect there must be a more efficient way to attract customers. They wonder, "How can I shift from gathering one business card at a time to gathering thousands of customers through one initiative?"

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