How to optimize your site without breaking search engine guideline

Written by David Ausman

Having a nice design and an interesting content are not enough to make sale. Who is going to visit your site? Are you willing to spend thousands of dollars every month just to advertise ?

More than 600 million queries made to major search engine like Google, Yahoo, Exactseek, Hotbot and Msn every month. Imagine if you can get only 1% from that amount, there will be millions of targeted visitors to your site. Having this amount of visitors every months, you will earn more than $3000 with an ads CTR of 1.1% and CPC of $0.05. The CTR is an estimated rate, it may vary from 0.1% to 3% depending on advertising placement, banner design and relevancy.

By optimizing your site, you will have a several advantages :

Lower cost in advertising - You don't need to spend substantial amount of money to find high PR site to advertise. Your good placement on search engine result page solely will drive more traffic than your advertising does. Targeted visitor - Since search engine shows only relevant site to match user queries, your visitors that referred from is whom you looking for.

How can i get a good placement on search engine ? Maybe this is what you are asking right now. Doing a seo job is never been easy. It needs practice and researching. But I will show you a few good steps in doing it without breaking search engine guidelines.

HTML coding - Make sure you make no mistake in HTML. And also your coding should be neat. Include a descriptive words for "ALT" tag. Domain name - When choosing a domain name, try to find those name that include your keyword. This will help to rank better in search engine result page. [keyword1+keyword2] = [key phrase] Title - Make sure your page title is descriptive. Include your keywords as well. Use 1 or 2 "-" to separate keywords on your title. Robots - Use robot text to allow and disallow search engine to crawl some private pages. Robot source Keywords - Chooserepparttar right 2 - 3 keywords for your site. Always start with a low traffic and then add more if only you have success withrepparttar 128072 previous one. Use this resource to check your keywords: Overture keywords inventory Keyword density - Keyword density is a measurement that indicates how many times your keyword shows up within that page. It should range from 5% to 20%, more than that will be regarded as spam. Anchor text - When you buy a text ads, make sure your title contain your main targeted keywords that you choose. For example; If you are running a gaming site, you would certainly have to give anchor text like "Car racing gaming site" or "Online gaming", but you shouldn't give something like "Click here". Whenrepparttar 128073 search engine crawlrepparttar 128074 anchor text > "click here", they treatrepparttar 128075 content of that site contain inrepparttar 128076 anchor text is about "click here" instead of gaming site.

Your Top Search Rankings at Yahoo & MSN Search are Worthless

Written by Mike Banks Valentine © copyright March 8, 2005

It seems I now do this rant every single year when traffic statistics are discussed in web industry news. Last week I posted to my Reality SEO blog that referred traffic numbers are repparttar only statistic that webmasters should be concerned about when looking at their search engine rank. I wrote about this last year after ComScore Media Metrics statistics were relased discussing Search Engine Queries generated by each search property.

In that article, I suggested to Micorsoft as they developed their own search technology that MSN search might consider resistingrepparttar 105835 urge to keep searchers on their site by plastering both PPC and "Sponsored Sites" above and below search results. Google displays two "Sponsored Links" above organic results and none below, along with Adwords ads alongrepparttar 105836 right column.

Well now that MSN search has made its official debut, we can see that they put three "Sponsored Sites" links both above AND below their organic search results, along with those Overture (Soon to be Yahoo Branded) PPC ads alongrepparttar 105837 right side ofrepparttar 105838 page. Not bad visually, but it appears to be keeping visitors onrepparttar 105839 MSN search site because they simply are NOT clicking through to highly ranked sites according to closely watched traffic statistics of several sites I monitor for clients.

I've been pouring over web stats for a half dozen clients looking for traffic from MSN and it is missing in action. Even though these sites rank well for targeted terms for my clients - MSN is not deliveringrepparttar 105840 traffic at all.

This has always been an issue for SEO's and their clients and we are puzzling this one over, looking for results from those top rankings at both Yahoo and MSN as they seem to retainrepparttar 105841 searchers no matter how well we rankrepparttar 105842 sites!

Yahoo has dropped dramatically, with referred traffic that used to amount to over 5% ofrepparttar 105843 visitors to client sites, it has dropped as low as 1.5% of total referred traffic from search engines. After a recent increase in referred traffic from Yahoo search, we were hopeful it would stay high, but it wasn't to be. Rankings have not declined - Read That Again - Rankings have not declined, justrepparttar 105844 referred traffic!

Google has gone up in referrals from foreign countries, including foreign language sites. We used to see tiny amounts of traffic trickle in from non-English language countries, but Google country sites for Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico and a dozen other language specific Googles have combined to send more non-English referred traffic thanrepparttar 105845 total coming from (English) Yahoo Search!

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