How to motivate your self towards online business success

Written by itsik tzur

How to motivate your self towards online business success

Building an online business demands a high level of self discipline and persistence. Most ofrepparttar new online entrepreneurs (like me) are working daily jobs thinking about Financial freedom and ways in which to create it.

Atrepparttar 141283 beginning I was extremely motivated to create a successful online business Thinking about all of those gurus that make a lot of money online.

I found my self going back after a long day at work heading straight to my computer. It wasn't easy and gradually my motivation started to fade away. Eventually it became very difficult to stay concentrated and focused until I have realized that something is holding me back!

I decided to take a break fromrepparttar 141284 computer realizing I have to understand and reveal The source ofrepparttar 141285 problem.

I started observing my inner world looking forrepparttar 141286 reason that created this setback. Looking at a success I had, losing 40 pounds a few years ago made me realized Thatrepparttar 141287 main reason for my success was keeping my focus on why I want to lose Weight instead of how. I was thinking allrepparttar 141288 time aboutrepparttar 141289 great feeling I will have when I will lose this extra pounds-and that kept me going giving merepparttar 141290 power to deal with allrepparttar 141291 Setbacks, doubts ,fear that were coming allrepparttar 141292 time.

Computer Consulting Profit Secrets

Written by Joshua Feinberg

Do you own or manage a computer consulting company? Are you having trouble growing your computer consulting company’s profits?

If so, then you must learn how to focus on your computer consulting firm’s profit and bottom line.

In this article, we’ll look at 7 profit secrets and strategies you can use in your computer consulting business, to ensure that you are able to balance your clients’ small business IT needs against your own computer consulting company’s profitability challenges.

Origins ofrepparttar Problem

While focusing on your computer consulting profits may sound simple enough at first glance, this business-focused discipline often eludes many a computer consulting firm.

This usually happens because many computer consulting business owners fall in loverepparttar 141282 technology gadgetry, and get seduced by seemingly attractive reseller channel programs, atrepparttar 141283 expense of their business’ profit.

Atrepparttar 141284 end ofrepparttar 141285 day however, your computer consulting company is a business... not a charity and not a hobby. And your computer consulting company must be run like a business.

Profit Secret #1: Show motivation with your small business computer consulting clients. To avoid being labeled as just another clueless geek, you need to position your computer consulting services to be more in line with those of a virtual CIO for hire. So always be onrepparttar 141286 look out for new ways to enhance your clients' businesses... not just fix broken desktops and servers.

Profit Secret #2: Be dedicated torepparttar 141287 task and relentless in your pursuit to improverepparttar 141288 status quo. Because it takes a lot of work to landrepparttar 141289 best computer consulting clients, you need to focus on lifetime customer value... not just one-shot-deal sales. So always remember that your proposed or recently implemented computer consulting technology solution isn't a one-shot deal. This kind of long-term vision and planning requires tremendous staying power and perseverance... which often escapes many computer consulting business owners.

Profit Secret #3: Don't be afraid to be creative with your client engagements. Small business technology solutions often need to stay within relatively modest budgets. And your computer consulting solutions must work withoutrepparttar 141290 need for in-house IT staff. To satisfy these challenges, don't be afraid to think outside ofrepparttar 141291 box when appropriate.

Profit Secret #4: Evaluate how your clients' systems, both paper- and computer-based, function today. As part of your virtual CIO role, look at how these existing clients systems are meeting or not meeting present and future needs. Most of this work will be done during IT audits... another key computer consulting profit secret that can really help to separate you fromrepparttar 141292 pack of mediocrity.

Profit Secret #5: Put yourself in your clients' shoes and think about what THEIR clients need from them. Yes, as a computer consulting business owner, you need to have good people skills and a certain degree of empathy for your clients’ business problems. But an even more advanced computer consulting business owner doesn’t just stop at understanding their clients’ business problems. The virtual CIO really digs in and learns about their clients’ customers’ business problems... one layer down onrepparttar 141293 value chain.

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