How to make hoop earrings

Written by Janice

Years ago, a friend of mine taught me some simple beading techniques. You can make all sorts of shapes using beading wire and beads. The simplest is a hoop.

All you do is to threadrepparttar beads with beading wire and closerepparttar 145343 circle by threadingrepparttar 145344 end ofrepparttar 145345 wire back intorepparttar 145346 first bead. Now that technique can be used to make pretty gemstone hoop earrings.

First you need earring findings or castings, beading wire and gemstone beads. The full article Make Hoop Earrings explainsrepparttar 145347 details as well as lists down where you can get these things at reasonable prices.

Once you have your supplies then arrangerepparttar 145348 beads in 2 identical lines, withrepparttar 145349 largest bead inrepparttar 145350 center andrepparttar 145351 smallest atrepparttar 145352 ends. That way,repparttar 145353 earrings will fall properly.

Railroading Stitches

Written by Katrina Renouf

Iíve heard a lot lately about people asking how to railroad their stitches. Railroading is a common means of separatingrepparttar threads as you stitch so that they lay flat and create a much smoother neater appearance for your finished piece.

I know for a long time I thought it was just a time consuming and unneeded process, but after you get used to it itís not time consuming at all and inrepparttar 145342 long run will save you time and help you create a beautiful piece. It also can get you more use out of your threads since youíll get more stitches with less twists and tangles. If you plan on entering it into competition it is very necessary though. Judges can tellrepparttar 145343 difference.

It isnít very difficult to do. First, bringrepparttar 145344 needle up throughrepparttar 145345 fabric like you normally do, but before you go back down to createrepparttar 145346 leg ofrepparttar 145347 stitch, you placerepparttar 145348 needle betweenrepparttar 145349 two strands of floss. Then withrepparttar 145350 needle betweenrepparttar 145351 threads you go back down through your fabric.

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