How to join Affiliate Programs – Affiliate Marketing

Written by Joanne King

The first thing you may be wondering before you join an affiliate program is how much is it going to cost you? Well most of them are free to join! Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn a little bit of extra cash onrepparttar side and some people actually make a full-time living from it. And you have some guru’s inrepparttar 143292 affiliate marketing industry that will earn more thenrepparttar 143293 average person in one year compared to their 20 years.

The most popular affiliate centre around to date would have to be ClickBank. They have thousands of affiliate programs ready and waiting for you to promote them. ClickBank deals with digital products only eg. E-books and software.

ClickBank will send you a check every 2 weeks forrepparttar 143294 commissions you have earned. You get to choose your limit of when you want them to sendrepparttar 143295 check to you,repparttar 143296 minimum amount starting at $25.

You can join ClickBank for free here

I give a description of what I look for before promoting a website in my book “Affiliate Marketing – Quick Start Guide”. You can get my book for free at

Make Extra Sales with your P.S.

Written by Joanne King

This “little” test I ran was in dedication of Corey Rudl. He was always big into “test test test” and then tell someone about it. So here is one of my little tests that I ran and now I’m telling someone about it ;-)

Here is a nifty little tool that I have been using and testing onrepparttar sly lately with one of my lists and what I’m about to say may surprise you a little as it does tend to go against some ofrepparttar 143291 teachings inrepparttar 143292 “Internet Marketing” industry.

When sending out an email to your mailing list when you place your P.S. it’s generally you’re hard hitting sale point. The one that gets them to “buy now” not just drift around and think about it only for it to be forgotten.

But what I have been testing is putting in a P.S. for a completely different niche all together. Generally one that is a bit more pricey but still something I think that a general audience would be overall interested in.

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