How to interpret the most common dreams

Written by Ken Sheldrake

Kevin Sheldrake isrepparttar dream expert at a free site with answers to all your psychic questions.

The most common dreams, according to surveys by are dreams of falling, being naked, and of your teeth falling out. Close runners up include dreams of flying, and of exams.

Strangely, these dream themes are fairly consistent across all cultures, and may well reflect a deeper facet ofrepparttar 122133 human condition than we would ordinarily suppose. Lets look a little closer atrepparttar 122134 interpretation of these dreams, starting withrepparttar 122135 common dream of falling.

The basic interpretation draws your attention torepparttar 122136 possibility that you may have insecurities or general anxieties. Often, this dream is your subconscious telling you that it is not happy withrepparttar 122137 level of control you appear to exercise in your life, especially work or relationships - wise. The feeling of falling reminds you that once a fall begins,repparttar 122138 ultimate destination isrepparttar 122139 ground (although contrary to popular legend, you will NOT die if you hitrepparttar 122140 ground while asleep!).

Often reflecting an internal feeling of failure, either at work, school or in love, falling dreams according to Freud indicate your desire to give in to a sexual urge of some kind.

Telepathic Influence and Remote Hypnosis

Written by Dale Power

In books, movies and theatre, there is a long tradition of showing an evil character withrepparttar power to control minds. Normally this person seduces young women and uses undo influence to gain money that is not rightfully his, or some equally despicable set of actions, to make sure we know this person is evil. The cautionary content is clear, power corrupts, so it is best not to use such power lest you becomerepparttar 122132 soulless bad guy.

Seldom is it mentioned that such an ability could be used to help people as well. Indeed,repparttar 122133 greatest potential of telepathic influence is in helping others, as most people will respond far more actively to helpful suggestions than to orders that will hurt or embarrass them!

Now, for my own caution…

The techniques outlined here are real and effective. With enough self discipline and practice you can indeed influencerepparttar 122134 way others think and what actions they are likely to take. This can be used, as any tool, to help or to harm. It is my most sincere hope that you will use them to help. It is also my strong belief that most truly uncaring and selfish people will find these skills too much effort to practice regardless of their wish to control others.

By now you should haverepparttar 122135 basic concepts of telepathy and empathy down, if not, please read “Telepathy and Empathy: Getting Started” by Dale Power, before you attempt these techniques.

All telepathic (and empathic as well, but forrepparttar 122136 rest of this article I will just refer to telepathy) influence require certain properties. The influencer will need focus and synchronized brain-wave patterns. These can be reached through meditation, bio-feedback and perhaps, on a temporary level by brain-wave synchronization technologies such as Hemi-synch.

The influencer will also need to be able to hold concepts on a sub-conscious level. This sounds difficult to many at first, but while it does take practice and effort, it is very useful in active psychic practice. To do this you want to think of pure ideas. You will know you have it down when you understand what you are thinking, but are using no word or pictures in your mind. Last, it is useful to have a plan before you start, trying to “wing-it” while in a deep mental state does not work very well. In fact it is often enough to kick you into a less mentally organized and synchronous state!

These following steps are needed for each level of influencing. You will want to start atrepparttar 122137 very beginning withrepparttar 122138 “Basic Telepathic Influencing” information each time you start a project, then work your way throughrepparttar 122139 more complex levels.

Basic Telepathic Influencing.

*Start by finding a quite and comfortable space inside your mind. This will aid you in focusing your thoughts and in holding concepts later.

*Next, focus your thoughts onrepparttar 122140 person you are going to be influencing. At this point you are really just holdingrepparttar 122141 mental “feel” ofrepparttar 122142 person. Let a feeling of relaxed connection come over you. There is not need to force it, or even try to make it happen, as it is a natural process that takes place whenever a person with more synchronized brain waves focuses on another person.

*Once connected, let your mind shift into a deeper and more focused state, this will drawrepparttar 122143 other person into deeper entrainment and condition their mind to reflect your thoughts.

*Now all you have to do is holdrepparttar 122144 concept you wish them to receive in your mind. Because you are linked with them, you will feel when they have acceptedrepparttar 122145 information.

At this point you have successfully passed information to their subconscious mind. If you wish this information to have an impact onrepparttar 122146 conscious thought process you might have to continue to holdrepparttar 122147 concept for a while. Generally I have found that a minute or two is more than enough, as long asrepparttar 122148 idea I am transmitting is clear and easily acceptable torepparttar 122149 other person.

For instance,repparttar 122150 desire to stand up and stretch is a normal and simple thing that everyone can understand and are willing to do in most circumstances. (Most circumstances. I know that if I was lying on a table having an operation, I would not be hoping up to have a good stretch!) However getting a person that is very shy to suddenly stand up and start singing in public would be a much harder thing to do! You would also have to think about whether this benefited them in any way. If they are standing on stage to perform in front of a group it will be easier to influence them than if they are inrepparttar 122151 middle of a crowded restaurant.

At this level of influence though, you can easily help to calm an upset person or cheer up a person that is feeling down. It is also a simple enough method that with a little practice you can do this anywhere at anytime.

Complex Telepathic Influencing.

*You can add torepparttar 122152 complexity of your sending by linking concepts in an order that is understandable torepparttar 122153 person you are influencing. It is important to link things in a fluid manner that will not causerepparttar 122154 other person’s subconscious mind to skip to another topic.

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