How to install a .rpm file

Written by Bill Holder

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Open a terminal window.

type: su - (to become root) and enter root password

enterrepparttar directory where you storedrepparttar 150753 rpm file.

This Host is Crap! Hundreds down the drain

Written by Kenneth L. Cluck III

Okay, I have a constitutional right to create this web host review. I have had MANY poor experiences with this web host that has costed me a lot of time and many hundreds of dollars. Though only atrepparttar end of this review will I tell you what web host this is.

Some people have good experiences with this web host, I’m not sure whom butrepparttar 150620 fact that they’re still alive must say something. So by all means, if you wish to purchase from this host for whatever you’re reasoning don’t let me discourage you.

First of all, they use a control panel called Vdeck, I hate Vdeck. Cpanel could have been used to makerepparttar 150621 whole thing easier. Vdeck is easy because Vdeck is weak. In order for anything to work, not only did I have to wait a long time forrepparttar 150622 thing to load, I couldn’t log into it for most ofrepparttar 150623 time. I was able to userepparttar 150624 Vdeck software only once in a very great while.

Second of all, I got tired of not being able to update or use my website but I kept with it. But for some reason “nothing” worked. Even blank html files brought up errors. I submit a support ticket, but after three days of waiting I figured they wouldn’t respond!

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