How to increase your E-Mail Marketing Results !!!

Written by Thomas Kraemer

Are you using e-mail to promote your site or service? Then you can increaserepparttar results you get without having to do more work just by using an autoresponder!

Fact isrepparttar 109696 the majority of people will not respond to an ad when they read itrepparttar 109697 first time! You have to stay in contact! You will get more sales when you follow up!

Now this doesn`t mean that you send themrepparttar 109698 same ad over and over. That`s not a way to close a sale! Instead you will create a series of differnent messages!

First message could be your normal ad! Just send it out to your leads as your doing now! The second message could be send 2 days later and reminding people ofrepparttar 109699 benefits of your offer! You can also add a free bonus to make it harder to refuse again! Put a time limit onrepparttar 109700 bonus! The third message should be send right beforerepparttar 109701 bonus runs out! Remindrepparttar 109702 people to join now to claim a bonus! Fourth message can be send a week later. Tell people how sorry you are that they missed your bonus offer and renew it! But just for 24 hours! Increaserepparttar 109703 value of your bonus this time!

How to Use Signature Files to Give Your Email The Personal Touch That SELLS

Written by Alvin Apple

If you have a home business, then you're probably constantly concerned with getting your name and your business information out there. You probably send out a lot of e-mails, post on message boards, and submit articles to business e-zines. These are excellent ways to get your name out there, but are you taking full advantage ofrepparttar visibility these forums create?

One ofrepparttar 109695 best ways of creating new business is to include a Signature File with everything you post, send or submit. What exactly is a sig file? It's that little bit of bio information atrepparttar 109696 end of an e-mail, article or posting, usually a sentence or two with your url. This is your opportunity to let people know who you are and to direct them to your business. If they liked what you wrote, then they can immediately to your site and find out more about your product or service.

Now you may already include your url atrepparttar 109697 end of your correspondence, most business people do. That's great, but is it enough? Not quite. Of course it's great to have your url so that anyone who's interested in what you're saying can immediately check out your business site, but wouldn't they be more likely to click if you included a short description of what you do? The trick to a catchy sig file, is that one sentence that makes you stand out. For example, rather than closing an e- mail or posting with

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