How to increase sales by 50% just by adding one simple page to your site

Written by Robert Puddy

The upsell strategy or upgrade is potentiallyrepparttar most expensive secret onrepparttar 127410 net. (Not so secret now) You must have seen those sites listing things you will learn if you pay me X amount to join my private site, one of them is always. LEARN HOW TO INCREASE YOUR SALES BY 50% JUST BY ADDING ONE SIMPLE PAGE TO YOUR WEB SITE. How many times have you been curious enough to consider paying, just To find out what that was. (Lesson No 1 curiosity is a great sales inducer) Well for those of you who resisted, your patience is about to be rewarded Because today you are going to learn this secret for free. I will tell you this though you will kick yourself whenrepparttar 127411 penny drops. I went around banging my head on every brick wall I could find for being So stupid. When your customer clicks on that link atrepparttar 127412 bottom of your Page that say's order here now through our secure server they are Expecting to get their credit card out, in fact they may already have it in They're hot little hands. So what do you do, send them to a page that offers them an

5 WINNING Ways to Increase Sales at Your Site Right NOW!

Written by Derek Podlubny

You have a great product to sell, and a beautiful website with which to sell it. However, having an Internet presence alone is not enough, you have to consider every step ofrepparttar process a potential customer will go through before they make that purchase on your site. Then, you have to increase their chance of making a purchase by doing a few simple things.

1. Traffic. Increasingrepparttar 127409 traffic that your site gets is a great start. The more people you can get visiting your site means more sales for you. An even better way to increase sales is to make sure that your visitors are "qualified" buyers for your product. This means that they fit into a certain group that would be most likely to benefit from your product. You can get your message out to qualified buyers in a number of ways; A well-designed banner can get an important message across quickly, an ad placed in an e-zine involving a related topic is sure to interest qualified buyers, a good description placed in meta tag ofrepparttar 127410 main page is also a good way to get qualified visitors.

2. Navigation. Your site navigation is an important factor in your sales. Not only should it be simple and consistent throughout your site, but it should have a purpose. What I mean is that you have to use your navigation as a tool to lead your customers where YOU want them to go. They have no idea where they have to go if nothing stands out onrepparttar 127411 page. So tell them. If you are selling one product or service, be sure thatrepparttar 127412 link to your product is somewhere atrepparttar 127413 top ofrepparttar 127414 page and be sure that it stands out. You want to make sure that everyone that visits your page will click on that link and at least haverepparttar 127415 chance to buy.

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