How to grow your mental power and let your brain make your rich.

Written by Fernando Soave

How to grow your mental power and let your brain make your rich. ********************************************************************************* By Fernando Soave Copyright © 2003

No one has complete control over their thoughts. But with practice, with deliberate attention, far more control can be achieved. Here are five rules that show you how.

1.Practice thinking to develop mental thrust.

Thinking is work. To develop your thinking process you must putrepparttar mind through exercises which lead it down new paths.

2.Add width to your thinking.

Narrow minded people have these characteristics. All negative.

a.They see only a small part of problems. b.They are exceptionally prejudiced. They can hate intensely. c.They are intellectually blind. They learn no wisdom as they mature.

To think wide remember :

a.Be careful of generalising withrepparttar 122540 “all white and black” approach. b.Avoid sentences like, “He’s no good”, “I hate”, “They are stupid”. c.Think two sides before you make your point. Nothing is all good and nothing is all bad. d.Don’t be to fast with your opinions.

3.Think like a crew member not like a passenger.

Assume your responsibility for what happens.

The new paradigm, will it work?

Written by Albin Dittli

Recently I have received several emails about programs that are touted as a new paradigm in Internet programs. These new programs are being called member-to-member programs. Here are excerpts from two such emails:

“Give yourself permission to make moneyrepparttar easy, internet way!


The whole program is managed for you! All you do is join!

No gifting....just plain and simple profit!

To receive information on how to get started - send an e-mail to....”


“The rules of Affiliate Programs have changed!

The new "member-to-member direct payment" business model is quickly changingrepparttar 122539 industry. There is no reason to join another "company-based" program EVER again.

You no longer have to promote anything to earn $150 each and every week!

Still wishing you could make moneyrepparttar 122540 easy way--- by doing nothing?

Wish No More!”

These new programs are like one level affiliate programs. Normal affiliate programs pay a percentage of sales torepparttar 122541 upline affiliate. They usually pay 25% to 50%. These new programs pay 100% ofrepparttar 122542 money torepparttar 122543 upline or sponsoring affiliate.

Another difference betweenrepparttar 122544 new programs andrepparttar 122545 old is thatrepparttar 122546 product offered by most of these new programs is a safelist, or a safelist and an ebook. As some of these programs cost $100 a day, it appears thatrepparttar 122547 safelist is only an attempt to legitimizerepparttar 122548 program.

The first member-to-member program that I saw was Cash a Day, which cost $20 a month atrepparttar 122549 entry level and $500 a month atrepparttar 122550 highest level. Their product is a safelist and some ebooks. The section on their website that describes these products contains this information, “Now Please remember its notrepparttar 122551 products (heck I could use this system to make money with a couple of packs of chewing gum). Focus onrepparttar 122552 Income Plan...”.

The plan with Cash a Day is that you join for $20 a month and every one you sponsor pays you $20 a month. As you organization and income grows you move up torepparttar 122553 $50 a month level, thenrepparttar 122554 $100 a month level, and eventuallyrepparttar 122555 $500 a month level. There is also a small administrative fee.

Another such program is My Tycoon Manager. With this program you join for $150 per week andrepparttar 122556 program administrator guarantees that they will place two members under you within ten days, so that you will earn $150 per week. Their product is a safelist.

I have received emails on at least three other such programs, all of which resemble My Tycoon Manager. There are several problems with this type of program.

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