How to get your customers to trust your website

Written by Glenn Murray

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How to get your customers to trust your website

By Glenn Murray *

Research reveals three important facts:

1) The Internet is one ofrepparttar 108051 most important sources of information.

2) The trustworthiness ofrepparttar 108052 Internet is declining.

3) Customers will come back to your site if they trust it.

Inrepparttar 108053 face of a declining trust inrepparttar 108054 Internet, there’s definitely value in creating a website which can be trusted by your visitors. But how do you do it? That’s what this article is all about.

But first,repparttar 108055 research…

According to a recent major study, "Ten Years, Ten Trends", conducted byrepparttar 108056 Center forrepparttar 108057 Digital Future (, a leading authority onrepparttar 108058 impact ofrepparttar 108059 Internet,repparttar 108060 Internet is still seen as one ofrepparttar 108061 most important sources of information, but people are placing less faith inrepparttar 108062 reliability of that information.

These findings are supported by earlier research. American Express found that 73% of people userepparttar 108063 Internet to gather information, and Lyra Research found that 48% of people userepparttar 108064 Internet to find work-related information as opposed to 7% who use magazines. When it comes to reliability of information, A.T. Kearney found that workers take so long trying to find information that it costs organisations $750 billion annually!

But never fear! All is not lost. It is possible to stemrepparttar 108065 tide – at least as far as your own website is concerned. According to Nielsen NetRatings, helpful website content develops site loyalty. The average person visits no more than 19 websites inrepparttar 108066 entire month in order to avoid information overload – they tend to rely onrepparttar 108067 sites that they can trust to help them.

So how do you make yours one of those sites? How do you inspire trust in your visitors?

The answer is simple – make your website copy trustworthy!

Following are 8 steps that’ll put you onrepparttar 108068 road to a trustworthy website.

STEP 1 - Always include your contact details

Always! This includes an email address, phone numbers, fax numbers, and address. Without these details, you’ll look like a fly-by-night operation.

STEP 2 – Tell us who you are

Dedicate a page of copy torepparttar 108069 people who run your company. You don’t need to say much – just provide a little history. Talk about their work history, career highlights, education and qualifications, etc. And it never hurts to include a little personal information as well. Let your readers know who you are.

How To Write Better Solo Ads

Written by Jeremy Gislason

Writing responsive ads may seem like an exact science, but there are some simple things you can do to increase your response rate. Here are some tips on how to write better solo ads. Start withrepparttar subject line. Your subject must be compelling and exciting and enticerepparttar 108049 reader to open your ad, but you do not want to misleadrepparttar 108050 reader because if you do, it does not matter whether they need your product or not, they will not buy from you. There is a Spam email that I get a couple times a week withrepparttar 108051 subject line that reads: How to stop getting emails just like this one. Cute and a unique approach, but there is no way I would ever buy anything from a company that uses this type of sales approach. This would be like a doctor making you sick for free and then telling you he can cure you for $50. Do Not use Re: or Fwd: inrepparttar 108052 subject line of your email. This is so overused onrepparttar 108053 Internet and it is very misleading and I personally detest anything that is misleading. Make your subject as short as possible and as torepparttar 108054 point as possible. If you are selling airplanes, you can use something like: Ready to take-off? or Full Throttle or Flaps set 30 degrees. These might not mean anything to you, but anyone who is interested in flying will instantly know this has something to do with flying and for that reason alone, they may openrepparttar 108055 email. Put some thought into your subject line as this isrepparttar 108056 make or break part of your ad. If you can get people to open your email, then you have halfrepparttar 108057 battle won. However, let me preface this with, if you can getrepparttar 108058 right person to open your email. The airplane sales person is not going to want to target kids, but he will want a pilot withrepparttar 108059 means to purchase an airplane, so targeting your ad is also critical, but this is another story and you simply target by doing research on where you are going to send your ad. Write your ad like you are writing to yourself. If you are selling a product that you have purchased, then tellrepparttar 108060 reader why you purchased or userepparttar 108061 product. If you are trying to sell something you do not use, stop reading here and practice sayingrepparttar 108062 following: Would you like fries with that burger! Now, I say this for fun, butrepparttar 108063 bottom line of selling anything online or offline is a transfer of belief. If you did not buyrepparttar 108064 product, why would anyone else. As you write your copy, use strong and powerful words. Remember, people do not buy what they need as much as they will buy what they want. If your product or service can solve a problem for someone and you can express torepparttar 108065 reader how your product or service will save them time, money, energy, headaches, high blood pressure, etc. then you haverepparttar 108066 rest ofrepparttar 108067 battle won and you will get someone to your sales page.

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