How to get traffic

Written by Bright Johnson

The future of online business rest in one word: traffic. No matter how great or sophisticated your website is, if nobody comes, your online business will fail.

To setup an online business and not get sales is a travesty. There is a lot of money to be made online. “Can you generaterepparttar hits to your site?” isrepparttar 147448 question entrepreneurs are asking and trying to answer.

Great Internet business come from everywhere: boardrooms or basements but it must be supported by loads of hits. Online is no difference from offline—it is all about customers hence you need a competitive advantage to succeed.

How does one become competitive? You need a position. This position is calledrepparttar 147449 Unique Selling Proposition. It meansrepparttar 147450 one thing your website stands for. It isrepparttar 147451 difference notrepparttar 147452 similarities with other websites.

Coca-Cola is known forrepparttar 147453 cola business. So, years ago, when it’s competitor Seven-up wants to advertise and promote itself, they called themselves “the uncola” and it immediately gave them positioning. Seven-up simply said, “Hey, we are not cola. We arerepparttar 147454 uncola.”

How to Get Your Prospects to Do Exactly What You Want by Tormenting Their Brains

Written by Mohamad Zaki Hussein

Have you ever watched a television drama that drew you deeply in and then ended suddenly with a cliffhanger?

How did you feel? Was your adrenaline pumping? Could you wait to find out what happened next? Did you feel discomfort? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions,repparttar drama had successfully created a "zeigarnik effect" within you.

Wait a minute…what’s a "zeigarnik effect"?

In 1927, a psychologist named Bluma Zeigarnik pointed out that people tend to better remember a task that was not completed because of an interruption, than a task that was completed. According to her, an uncompleted task creates a mental tension that persists untilrepparttar 147357 task is completed. This “mental tension” causes retention of that task in your memory.

If you've been in this internet marketing world for awhile, then you know how difficult it is to grab people's attention for your commercial message. The reason for this is becauserepparttar 147358 internet has many wonderful things that pull people's attention to various directions. And all they need is one click to move from one thing to another.

In this case, zeigarnik effect can be a powerful device you can use to interrupt people's surfing preoccupation and make them pay attention to whatever message you want to convey to them. You can also use zeigarnik effect to influence people to click on a link or to buy your product. In a nutshell, zeigarnik effect can be used to get your most wanted response from your traffic or prospects.

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