How to get the best spray tan for your wedding, prom or other important occasion.

Written by Boshena Warzecha

Some occasions demand for you to look your absolute best, and nothing short of perfection should satisfy you. What "would do" at other times is just not good enough at those moments.

That is why if you are getting married, going to a prom or have other, very important function,repparttar expectation on your spray tan to turn out great will also be very high.

There are few steps that you need to take to make sure that a bad spray tan will not spoil your day:

1. If you've never had a spray tan before, make sure that you have a trial few weeks beforerepparttar 150400 occasion. You do not know how your skin will react torepparttar 150401 solution. Although chances of going orange are very remote, how would you feel if it happen onrepparttar 150402 day of your wedding or prom? Scary!

2. Stay away fromrepparttar 150403 dark tan. Getrepparttar 150404 lightest shade possible. You wantrepparttar 150405 focus to be on you and that special dress. The tan should be invisible, adding just a "glow".

3. If you are wearing white, or very light coloured dress, find a salon where they have very little or no bronzer inrepparttar 150406 solution. In a lot of peoplerepparttar 150407 bronzer will get intorepparttar 150408 pores and when they sweat, it will stainrepparttar 150409 dress, sometimes permanently.

4. Take extra care in your preparation beforerepparttar 150410 tan. Exfoliate very well withrepparttar 150411 proper products, and apply barrier cream all over your hands and feet before spray tanning.

What is the real price of a spray tan?

Written by Boshena Warzecha

Looking tanned is such a great feeling, isnít it?

There are three methods of getting that feeling. 1.Getting out intorepparttar sun. Great if you are young, and believe that all this hype about skin cancer has nothing to do with you. Goes hand in hand with high alcohol consumption, speeding and living on credit. It will catch up with you sooner than you think. 2.Solarium. Possibly a little more sensible solution if you take it easy, and build up your tan very gradually. Might lower your chances of getting skin cancer if you never burn, but if you tan regularly, it will definitely not save you from real bad skin damage and broken capillaries (very high temperatures boil blood in your capillaries- yuk). 3.Spray tan. A relative newcomer. It can take less than one minute to apply (in a booth), does not damage your skin in any way and saves you hours and hours on trips to and from solariums or lying onrepparttar 150399 beach.

Spray tanning seems to be such a great solution, so why doesnít everybody, who wants a tanned look, do it?

Judging fromrepparttar 150400 reactions that I encounter at my salon, it seems mainly to berepparttar 150401 cost. A single session can cost up to $70 in some places,repparttar 150402 average being about $50.

Isnít it cheaper to go torepparttar 150403 beach? If you are asking this question, chances are, you are still very young. Look at your mum. She is probably spending hundreds, and hundreds of dollars per year trying to reverserepparttar 150404 damage of frying onrepparttar 150405 beach in her youth. Unfortunately, our generation was told that getting suntan was healthy (whom can we sue for those lies?).

She also has to watch her skin very closely to make sure that she catches any cancerous changes early.

Solariums- a cheaper alternative? Apart from also causing serious skin damage long term, how much does it cost in money terms?

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