How to get repeat visitors to your site

Written by Jonathan White

When you have a website online it is important for you to try and get new visitors to your site, but itís also important to take care ofrepparttar visitors that you actually already have. This is because you will want your existing visitors to keep returning to your site again and again. There are many ways that you can do this. Some of these includerepparttar 131666 following: 1.Updating your Website content continuously This is an important factor to consider if you want your visitors to keep returning to your site. This is because if you keep on updating your sites content, then every time your visitors come back to your site they will see something new every time, which should then interest them even further. If you donít update your content on a regular basis, then your visitors will end up getting bored of your site and will then go elsewhere.

2.Making your site more sticky Giving your site more stickiness will make it more addictive to your sites visitors, which will in return make them want to come back to your site. This can be done by many different approaches. For example, you can add games to your site like You can even give free things away on your site. For example, you can give away free coupons, free scripts, free web hosting, etc. You can even offer your visitors free re-printable articles so that they can add them to their own site like

Cut Your Support Costs AND Increase Customer Satisfaction

Written by Toby Wolf

One ofrepparttar biggest frustrations for both newbie webmasters and web host tech support staff isrepparttar 131664 learning curve new webmasters go through. Many of them come to us wanting to create a website, but having no comprehension of how it all works. I can't tell you how many times we have users create a trouble ticket because they don't understand what FTP is, how it works, or why they need it. And that is just one example.

We found that, even though we provide pretty comprehensive information inrepparttar 131665 e-mail we send out to all new customers, they tend not to read, (or maybe just not remember), what is contained in them. While we have not yet found a way to stop some of them from asking questions in trouble tickets that are either broad scope such as "what is FTP?" or "how do I make a web page", we have significantly reduced our frustration, (and I am sure theirs as well), by being able to give them quick links to answers to their questions. We have an entire page devoted to support links for all 45 ofrepparttar 131666 'add-on' packages we offer. In addition, we have links to free online HTML classes, FTP for beginners etc.

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