How to get prospects to open your direct mail envelopes.

Written by Alan Sharpe

In direct mail, you have a formidable enemy—the wastepaper basket. Your prospects take one look at your mailing envelope and decide if they will open it or fling it intorepparttar trash can (or recycling box). One way to persuade them to open your envelope is to make your envelope irresistible. Here are a few ideas.

1. Unusual colours Keep your mailing envelopesrepparttar 105198 same size and weight, just changerepparttar 105199 colour from white to something different or more daring. 2. Odd size or shape Send your message in a jumbo-size envelope. Or in a square envelope. Or send your message in a tiny envelope. Just remember that your envelope has to conform to postal regulations for size and shape, and fit through a normal mailbox. 3. Personalization Put your prospect’s name right onrepparttar 105200 front ofrepparttar 105201 envelope, perhaps inrepparttar 105202 form of a question: “Hey, Alan, know who offersrepparttar 105203 lowest interest rates?” 4. Cartoon Speaking of personalization, put a cartoon onrepparttar 105204 front of your envelope, and put your prospect’s name inrepparttar 105205 caption (so that one ofrepparttar 105206 cartoon characters is using your prospect’s name in what they are saying).

In B2B direct mail, don’t ask for the order.

Written by Alan Sharpe

Business-to-business direct mail is different from business-to-consumer direct mail in one vital way: sales cycles are longer.

A senior vice-president of information technology doesn't buy a $1.5-million network upgrade by dropping a business reply coupon and cheque inrepparttar mail. In B2B selling,repparttar 105196 first step inrepparttar 105197 sales cycle is usually a request for more information. Followed by a sales meeting. Then a demonstration. Then a trial. Then a contract.

That's why your direct mail package should aim to move your prospect torepparttar 105198 next step inrepparttar 105199 sales cycle, rather than ask forrepparttar 105200 order. Start your planning by learning howrepparttar 105201 sales representative closesrepparttar 105202 deal. Work backwards torepparttar 105203 initial contact or event that generatesrepparttar 105204 sales lead. Then write your direct mail piece in such a way that you sellrepparttar 105205 next step rather than try to closerepparttar 105206 sale.

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