How to get listed at NBCi

Written by Lauri Harpf

NBCi, previously known as Snap, is a big portal that was created by combining several well known sites together. Among other things, it offers entertainment and news to its visitors. But we're not really interested about those things, are we? What interests us is that NBCi gets lots of visitors and has its own independent directory which is used every time these visitors want to do a search. This means that you can use NBCi to boostrepparttar traffic of your site, but first you must understand howrepparttar 128183 NBCi directory system works.

The NBCi system is pretty unique when compared to some other major directories, such as Yahoo andrepparttar 128184 Open Directory Project. The two others have a simple system for reviewing sites - you submit a site, a human visits it and either includes it inrepparttar 128185 directory or rejectsrepparttar 128186 submission. With NBCi, things are different.

The LiveDirectory - what it is and how it works ================================

When users submit their sites to NBCi, they are placed inrepparttar 128187 NBCi LiveDirectory. The LiveDirectory is arranged into categories, just asrepparttar 128188 'regular' NBCi directory, but there are two major differences. The first difference is that LiveDirectory results are only shown to users when no matches inrepparttar 128189 regular directory can be found, or when all matches inrepparttar 128190 regular directory have already been shown. This means thatrepparttar 128191 LiveDirectory gets used less thanrepparttar 128192 regular directory, and sites listed inrepparttar 128193 LiveDirectory generally get less traffic than those inrepparttar 128194 regular directory.

By now, you're probably asking yourself 'Well, howrepparttar 128195 heck am I going to get torepparttar 128196 regular directory if all new submissions are placed inrepparttar 128197 LiveDirectory?'. It's actually pretty simple and is connected torepparttar 128198 second major difference betweenrepparttar 128199 LiveDirectory andrepparttar 128200 regular directory. The thing is, submissions torepparttar 128201 LiveDirectory are not really reviewed by humans. The LiveDirectory is pretty much like a search engine,repparttar 128202 only difference is that it is organized into categories. There is very little control as to what gets intorepparttar 128203 LiveDirectory - just about everything can get in, if it's not something completely sick or entirely worthless (this lack of control does not however mean that widespread abuse wouldn't be noticed). After you're inrepparttar 128204 LiveDirectory, you get ranked and are placed inrepparttar 128205 LiveDirectory results.

What aboutrepparttar 128206 part of getting intorepparttar 128207 regular directory? Hold on, we're getting there.. You see,repparttar 128208 LiveDirectory results serve as a 'springboard' torepparttar 128209 regular directory. Every time a user clicks at a LiveDirectory site result,repparttar 128210 NBCi database takes note. When a LiveDirectory site has received enough clicks, it attractsrepparttar 128211 attention ofrepparttar 128212 NBCi staff who then send a human to reviewrepparttar 128213 site. Ifrepparttar 128214 site is deemed good enough, it is promoted torepparttar 128215 regular directory andrepparttar 128216 owner is notified. NBCi figures that this kind of a system eases their workload - a Yahoo-style outfit has to review all sites submitted to it, while NBCi letsrepparttar 128217 users to dorepparttar 128218 initial screening by tracking their clicks, and only sends human reviewers torepparttar 128219 best ofrepparttar 128220 LiveDirectory sites.

How to get past LiveDirectory torepparttar 128221 regular directory ====================================

You have two choices. The first is to payrepparttar 128222 $99 review fee (goes up to $199 in atrepparttar 128223 end of February, 2001). If you don't want to pay, you must go throughrepparttar 128224 LiveDirectory.

Safe, Free Search Engine Positioning

Written by

How many times have you heard webmasters ask you things like "What search engine do most of your visitors come from?" or "I got a great ranking on Altavista using META tags - what tactics do you use?". Everywhere you go there are newsletters telling yourepparttar "definate way" to get your site inrepparttar 128182 Top 10 search engine ranking. Businesses pump millions into search engine positioning every day. How can your humble website survive? There are a set of simple rules you should stick to in order to get a good position on allrepparttar 128183 major search engines and yet not spend a penny:

>> META TAGS Meta tags arerepparttar 128184 lines atrepparttar 128185 top of your web page's HTML that search engines see first and they look like:

That would be a typical META description tag for Mike's DIY Shop, containing allrepparttar 128186 important keywords that surfers will likely type into their favourite search engine. Don't have more than 10 keywords or else they will each be far less effective, sorepparttar 128187 lessrepparttar 128188 better. Also, phrases tend to work better, especially if they are unique. Don't put in common keywords like 'computer, free, chat' etc. You can be sure top businesses have payed to get a top ranking with these words already so just use them in phrases, like "DIY chat". Including one *very* rare keyword will likely push your site right torepparttar 128189 top if it is typed by a surfer.

>> TITLE TAG This is by farrepparttar 128190 most important tag of all inrepparttar 128191 art of search engine positioning. Include all your keywords and of course,repparttar 128192 name of your site. Don't use words inrepparttar 128193 title tag that have nothing to do with your website or that are not included in your main body text or your site ranking will be greatly degraded.

>> BODY TEXT Be sure to include all your best keywords here, nearrepparttar 128194 top ofrepparttar 128195 page. Try to put some keywords in heading tags (H1,H2,etc.) too for added power. Some search engines are now ranking sites with invisible text (textrepparttar 128196 same colour of your page which is not seen byrepparttar 128197 surfer) very badly but Altavista seems to dorepparttar 128198 opposite. Only use invisible text if you are trying to achieve a better ranking with Altavista.

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