How to get accepted by major corporations to buy their excess liquidation product for 10% of wholesale

Written by Jason James

This is a proven technique to get pastrepparttar "gatekeepers" at most large companies and secure a position on their highly profitable Bid List. Once you have been accepted by any major corporation following these simple steps, you are on your way to high volume, Brand Name, consistent product sourcing! When you go directly torepparttar 149067 source ( manufacturer ofrepparttar 149068 goods), instead of wholesale suppliers or distributors, you will not incurrepparttar 149069 markup and expenses that those middle man firms would pass on to you.

The first step is to contactrepparttar 149070 person in charge of asset disposal. There are many different names for this department; such as liquidation, closeout, salvage or scrap department, and one or two key people usually manage it.

You may have noticed that most large companies do not clearly list any phone information on their website. There is a simple reason for this; it costs money anytime a live person has to answerrepparttar 149071 phone. These companies would like you to go through their website; andrepparttar 149072 truth is that 99% ofrepparttar 149073 information you need is on their website.

Ifrepparttar 149074 company has an 800 number, it is still like going through a maze to find someone who can help you. Since we are onrepparttar 149075 search forrepparttar 149076 person who handlesrepparttar 149077 liquidation, salvage or closeout department, we need a different approach:

Go torepparttar 149078 home page ofrepparttar 149079 business you want to contact and search onrepparttar 149080 website for Media Contact. This may be listed plainly under Media Contact, or it may be hidden in a department such as "Contact Us". If you cannot find this information onrepparttar 149081 website, go to and type inrepparttar 149082 company name plus media or media contact. This should pull up a list of relevant searches. Why look underrepparttar 149083 site for media? Companies want to talk torepparttar 149084 media; this represents stories or articles aboutrepparttar 149085 company, which generates publicity, which in turn generates more sales. The companies wantrepparttar 149086 media people readily available. This makes it easier for us!

Hundreds of Items to Sell on eBay - Right in Your Own Neighborhood!

Written by Jason James

Hundreds of Items to Sell on eBay - Right in Your Own Neighborhood!

Can't come up with enough items to sell on eBay? Try this simple technique - it may shock you!

A few years ago I saw a young boy walking up and downrepparttar sidewalks in our neighborhood passing out flyers. At each home he placed a flyer atrepparttar 149066 front door making sure it was out ofrepparttar 149067 weather. You could tell fromrepparttar 149068 way he walked and attended to details he was very sure of himself, obviously, he had done this before!

Well of course I was intrigued by this young mans determination and thoroughness.

Just what was he passing out?

So I waited till he put one of his flyers on our doorstep and immediately snatched it up. So what was he up to? Soliciting forrepparttar 149069 Boy scouts? For his school? For his church? For his club? Looking for donations? Looking for subscriptions? I knew that whatever he was selling he was major committed to it, that was real clear!

So what caused so much committment? And what was he promoting?

He was promoting himself!

Needless to say I was impressed. Here was a young man out walking up and downrepparttar 149070 streets of my neighborhood creating income for himself. The same street I drove up and down each and every day. As I though more and more about this it occurred to me that it was just a matter of perspective.

You see I sawrepparttar 149071 streets in my neighborhood as just a way of getting from point A to point B. He didn't see it that way at all. This young man had quite a different perspective! He saw nothing but opportunity up one side and downrepparttar 149072 other of each street.

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