How to get Website's Ranking Hammered by Google

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You keep hearing about how to get better rankings at Google, right? Well, now it's time to hear a few reasons why Google will penalize your site's rankings. Take heed, or your own site may suffer.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but I assure you that Google will give your site search-engine rankings a cumulative beating forrepparttar following things:

1. Submission. What the...?! Submission?! Yes. Direct submission of your site's URL to Google will result in a small penalty to your ranking. That means that every month from now on, when you would normally be faithfully submitting your site to Google, kick yourself instead. It's okay to submit your site once, but there's no need to do it again.

Here's how to get around that little bump inrepparttar 128194 road if you've got new content you really, really want Google to see sooner than later: Submit a page from a different site. Let's call your site "site A." What you'll do instead is submit site B, which links to your site, site A. That way,repparttar 128195 Google spider will give a small penalty to site B, and think it discovered site A on its own, which will result in a boost to site A, at least no penalty to site A. Follow?

2. Fail to buy Google adwords. This one is simple. If you're not willing to spend a little dough, you're not willing to do what it takes to get torepparttar 128196 top of Google. It doesn't take much, either.

Inrepparttar 128197 long run, spending even five dollars at will boost your site's rankings forrepparttar 128198 keyword ads which you purchase. Inexplicable though it may be, it works.

3. Title your pages badly. For example, a page with a title that is too long, or a page with a title which is unrelated torepparttar 128199 content ofrepparttar 128200 page. That's an unpardonable sin at Google.


Written by Najam Aziz Ahmed

It is a fact, that "search engines" really help you to promote your web site, but it is only possible, when your web site is found in top 20-60 positions, if it is not found within 1 - 3 first pages ofrepparttar search result, you will never get web site traffic from search engines.

I am going to tell you,repparttar 128193 techniques, that you should use to submit URL in search engines. Many companies offer "Web site Promotion & Positioning at top" services. If you understand these tips and techniques, you can offer these services, too. It means that it not only helps you to promote your web site, it also help you to offer "Web Promotion Services" from your web site.

Follow these steps to submit your web site URL to search engines:

1. Collect 10-20 words or phrases (keywords) that someone may use to search your web site. 2. Write a brief description for your business describing all services/products, you are offering from your web site. Use important keywords (you collected in step #1) inrepparttar 128194 description. 3. Design one web page (an Entrance Web Page to your actual web site) that has a welcome message, a description to your web site (you wrote in step#2) with a link to your web site main URL i.e. and save it as "index.htm" 4. Use META tags to place your keywords and description in index.htm (you designed in step #3). 5. Get as many free hosting services as you can, i.e., from,,,, etc. [You will find popular hosting services links at] and upload your index.htm (you designed in step#3) file to all free hosting services. Remember, this index.htm file refers

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