How to get TRAFFIC on your new site

Written by Dan Richard

Youíre all pumped up! Youíve been working hard on a new layout and have tons of ideas and wonderful miracles to showrepparttar online world. One problem, how do you let people know you exist?

When I first started back in January 2004, I already had a large amount of friends inrepparttar 131680 gaming community that I knew would visit my site to check it out, but I wanted to get a targeted audience of visitors. People that would be interested inrepparttar 131681 content I had to offer them. I love my friends inrepparttar 131682 gaming community (some of which Iíve known for over 6 years), but only a small portion of them really cared about design. So through trial and error, Iíve found ways to increase my traffic by targetingrepparttar 131683 proper audience without having to pay for it. These methods donít compare to buying targeted traffic, but itísrepparttar 131684 next best thing. P2L is not a profit oriented website, so I donít exactly have tons of cash to spend on Ad campaigns.

First off, I must stressrepparttar 131685 importance of a quality design and quality content. You can draw as much traffic as you want, but without a quality website that will interest your guests, youíll never make it to their coveted Bookmarks. Inrepparttar 131686 case of design oriented websites for example, there are millions of personal websites that have a few wallpapers, a personal portfolio a shoutbox , and loads of spelling errors. What makes your site better thanrepparttar 131687 rest that would warrant someone to re-visit? Be original, provide quality content, and update often. Itís that simple. If youíre not willing to commit to those rules, donít bother trying to berepparttar 131688 next DeadDreamer or Shiver7. I may write an article inrepparttar 131689 future regarding this topic in a bit more detail, but for now, Iíll assume your site is a smoking gun and ready forrepparttar 131690 eyes ofrepparttar 131691 world.

Before you start anything, optimize your site for search engines. You should have a title, meta keys for keywords and description, and nice full sentences inrepparttar 131692 body of your site. Keyword density is important and with proper SEO techniques, hits from search engines will grow quite a bit. Make sure you customize each page as required. A page about 3D Modeling should not haverepparttar 131693 same keywords as a page about your graphic portfolio. And remember to includerepparttar 131694 main keyword(s) in your title. If youíre not sure what exactly to do, check out these results on Google for keyword optimization:

For, our first month of operation (January 2004) yielded about 200 hits from Google. After spending a week or so correcting my lack of meta keys and keyword density, I received well over 28000 hits from Google in June. This isnít simply because I workedrepparttar 131695 keywords, but it had a large hand in it. The other part ofrepparttar 131696 puzzle is reciprocating links.

Now I donít work for an SEO, nor do I pretend to be an expert inrepparttar 131697 field, but in my experience,repparttar 131698 more reciprocating links to on other websites,repparttar 131699 higher my Google ranking climbs. In some of my main keywords, I wasnít even inrepparttar 131700 top 1000, but after a few months of affiliating and spreadingrepparttar 131701 word, I place inrepparttar 131702 top 5 in many principal keyword searches. Examples include:

You can check your google rankings for your choice of keywords at

AFFILIATE! Itís important to affiliate and getrepparttar 131703 word around about your site. Do a search on Google for sites similar to your own or have something to do withrepparttar 131704 topic your site is about and askrepparttar 131705 webmaster if they would like to exchange 88x31 pixel banners or text links. If you have a good site, then many webmasters wonít care about your traffic, because they know it will climb in fairly short order if your site is obviously a quality link. I have affiliated with many sites that do not getrepparttar 131706 same traffic as I do because I love their site and I think my visitors will enjoy it too. So donít be shy - just ask! Itís not like theyíre going to sue you for asking. The worst that will happen is you wonít get a response or youíll be declined. Iíve been declined many timesÖ it doesnít hurt, trust me. Donít send a generic cut and paste email torepparttar 131707 webmaster either. Send an email addressed to them personally and let them know youíve actually checked out their site and why you think you could mutually benefit from exchanging links. Be polite, check your spelling and make sure you send them your details including a short description of your site, current traffic, URL and how you can be reached.

Promote Your Site with Internet Radio

Written by Quentin Brown

By Quentin Brown (c) October, 2004

Internet radio is just broadcast quality content being streamed overrepparttar internet. That is it, nothing more.

There are 2 variations, and both are considered internet radio. One version is live content being streamed in real time based on a time schedule, but in reality that is not really necessary or cost effective for that matter. What I believe to berepparttar 131679 next wave of useful marketing tactics using audio onrepparttar 131680 web, is building a niche internet radio station which will have tremendous marketing and audience building potential. It will be inrepparttar 131681 broadcaster's best interest to produce killer-archived content and post that regularly to stream on demand for their listeners.

This is so easy and cost effective to do, and does not requirerepparttar 131682 live production techniques of traditional radio, norrepparttar 131683 high costs and server infrastructure of live feed internet audio streaming. Be aware live streaming can be done through web companies such as or, and many other others that haverepparttar 131684 data centers to multicast audio streams in real time.

Internet radio needs only to be great audio content available upon demand online, and I see it as an incredible opportunity for marketers of niche products and services to create to build audience or traffic to their online offerings.

The model of radio has been working and profitable for years. The only difference between WABC radio and is they have an audience (akin to web traffic) and they are pros at producing audience attracting audio content that they broadcast 24 hours a day to a limited area geographically. With your dot com, and on demand radio streaming you can broadcast audience-attracting audio content just as good as theirs, broadcast it on demand to anywhere inrepparttar 131685 world, and make profits with niches where they can't.

Example: Fly fishing radio, Pottery artistís radio, Swing trading radio, Hair coloring tips radio, thousands of other possible niches would fail horribly in traditional radio broadcast models, but niches thrive onrepparttar 131686 internet, and so does niche internet radio. Oncerepparttar 131687 audience is built, if yours is not already, allrepparttar 131688 profitable techniques of traditional radio apply.

It would not be spam in an internet radio program to advertise and direct listeners to online offers. You could run allrepparttar 131689 audio ads you want. But be careful, people are 1 click away from not listening. Yet, we are conditioned to hear, "This program is brought to you by XYZ advertiser" and 8 minutes of every hour, radio plays commercials, and you could dorepparttar 131690 same on Internet radio programming.

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