How to find your first affiliate niche in 5 easy steps.

Written by Ryan Blake

How to find your first affiliate niche in 5 easy steps.

Don't you wish finding your first niche was easier? Well it is... Here's my tried and tested method used to find top notch quality niches.

Step 1: Think fromrepparttar HEART notrepparttar 146302 mind.

Most people who buy anything buy don't buy it because they need it they buy it because DESIRE to have it. Don't look to fill needs but rather things that have an emotional connection withrepparttar 146303 target market.

Step 2: Keywords Keywords KEYWORDS.

Finding what people want is not a difficult process all you need to do is see people search for... They will only search for something want even if they're just bored. If had to invest in anything a good keyword research tool would be it, not only will it save you many hours of hard work but also help you getrepparttar 146304 best most accurate results as possible. The two research tools that I use are Wordtracker ( ) and Niche Database (, so go check them out. Then use these tools to find low competition/ High demand keywords and phrases.

Step 3: Letrepparttar 146305 creative juices flow.

You don't really need to be a genius to find good keywords... here's a good tip, use a thesaurus which groups words by meaning not alphabetically and use that to find new words that might just be used. Another very good way to do so is this... but don't tell anyone I told you ;) Go torepparttar 146306 web and look up your target market and their favourite activities, search for their keywords in google. Once you've found repparttar 146307 top ten, right click on them and go to "view source". Now look inrepparttar 146308 sites HTML text and I'm sure you'll find lots of good Keywords ( They are normally seperated by commas in a list )

Step 4: Show merepparttar 146309 money....

If you want to promote something you must make sure you're getting into a paying market. One way to do so is by looking them up in google and then checking how many addwords there are... people pay for prime add space and they pay unless it's paying off advertising there inrepparttar 146310 first place. One application that will really help with that process is Adword Analyzer and will save you a lot of time. But manual research should never be neglected to check up on your competition.

Free Internet Marketing?

Written by Dave Ryan

The game of internet marketing can be a tricky one that can hold back many affiliates and webmasters from becoming successful. Jumping into an Ad-words campaign could cost you a lot of money for no results if you are like many. One ofrepparttar best ways to get FREE targeted traffic rolling though your site is with viral marketing. You can get 1000's of niche targeted traffic coming to your site without spending a dime.

With viral marketingrepparttar 146264 only people that see your site will be people who are from related pages and click your link. This means that they are definitely interested in your product/service. Having people who you know are already interested in your page get shown your ad is by farrepparttar 146265 best way to get more traffic from each ad. The main part of viral marketing that gets your traffic really going isrepparttar 146266 fact that any marketers who sign up below you will show ads to your site generally. Since you know they are interested in your product/service (they came to your site) they will most likely be running a related business. So your ad on their page is more likely to get someone to click than if on a unrelated page. Then people who sign up below them will show your ad, and they will also be related pages. This will go on down for five tiers generally. So your ads could be on MILLIONS of related sites byrepparttar 146267 time you are seeded.

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