How to fight Cyberterrorism

Written by Godfrey Heron

Information Technology isrepparttar lifeline of most organizations today, and as such a disrupted information system can cause your company to lose market share and eventually bring it to its knees. 94% of companies without a tested crisis plan go out of business after a severe loss of service for two weeks or more. We are so bound as a global community that a disaster in a single major city results in significant ripple effects aroundrepparttar 132127 world.

Cyberterrorism, weather direct or indirect, is an issue all businesses should anticipate and arrange for backup plans. Depending onrepparttar 132128 size ofrepparttar 132129 company, backups ofrepparttar 132130 backup plan may need to be considered.

Politically charged events frequently unleash a nest of virus', worms and Trojan horses onrepparttar 132131 Internet, and with increasing intensity. In one day,repparttar 132132 current Nimda virus generated one hundred timesrepparttar 132133 traffic thatrepparttar 132134 code red virus took three days to do.

A group setup byrepparttar 132135 federal government to counter Cyberterrorism released a report stating that "A personal computer and a simple telephone connection to an Internet service provider anywhere inrepparttar 132136 world are enough to cause a great deal of harm. The right command sent over a network to a power generating station's control computer could be just as effective as a backpack full of explosives, andrepparttar 132137 perpetrator would be harder to identify and apprehend."

To protect your business inrepparttar 132138 event of a disaster you need to identifyrepparttar 132139 mission critical information streams that need to be protected. This may include both print material and computer hardware and software.


Minimizingrepparttar 132140 loss of valuable documents or data can be accomplished quite easily by performing regularly scheduled backups. It is absolutely essential that OFF-SITE copies of backups be kept. This will assure quick recovery from disasters.

Backups may be done using a variety of medias, such as, floppy disks , zip disks, re-writeable cd's, and removable hard drives. The type of media you use will depend onrepparttar 132141 quantity of data being stored.

Larger companies may also consider installing "mirror" servers, which allowrepparttar 132142 same real time information being kept in different locations. Consideration should also be given to outsourcing applications to ASPs (Application Service Providers) which have mirrored data centers.

Any paper documents which are considered critical should also be backed up withrepparttar 132143 help of a scanner and stored off-site. Myriads of paper documents were strewn all over New York followingrepparttar 132144 WTC disaster. Many ofrepparttar 132145 organizations and companies affected have no idea of what they have lost or even how to recover missing files. Some of which have irreplaceable information and signatures.


A good anti-virus software is essential in your counter terrorism arsenal. It will offer continuous protection and automatically scans all file inputs, outputs, downloads, program executions, and other system-related activities to help prevent virus penetration. If a virus is discovered, you will haverepparttar 132146 option to clean or deleterepparttar 132147 infected file.

Do you know who is snooping around your computer right now?

Written by Joe Reinbold

How secure is your computer? Most of us have virus protection and probably feel pretty safe. But how many know that there can be many individuals out there who may be trying to snoop (or actually snooping) around your hard disk all day long? I would venture that there are not many sitting at their computer right now who have even thought about it!

High speed access torepparttar Internet, i.e. DSL, cable and a couple of others have openedrepparttar 132126 doors to our work areas. I had even recorded attacks on my computer when I was using a local dial up service. The high speed access capability is great, I know that from personal experience. But it does open you up to extra risks since your Internet connection is probably open all day, even when you are not using it.

Intrusions onrepparttar 132127 Internet are common because hackers do frequent scans looking for systems they can break into. A typical hacker may scan thousands. He or she isn't targeting you personally. Inrepparttar 132128 hour precedingrepparttar 132129 writing of this article I had three attacks on my computer through my cable hookup. Two were hackers probing to see if they could get in andrepparttar 132130 other was a hacker checking to see if I had a specific Trojan program that might have compromised my system so that they could get in. This is a regular daily occurrence. Luckily my system has a software (firewall) program that detects and stops any attacks. It also logs inrepparttar 132131 attacks so that I can see what they were. The program is called Black Ice Defender, and cost me about $40. It was well worthrepparttar 132132 price. There are a number of programs out there and one that seems to be generally recommended along with Black Ice Defender is ZoneAlarm which happens to be free (free for personal and non-profit use).

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