How to explode blog traffic ( part II)

Written by Dony Peter Chacko

How to Explode Blog Traffic (Part II) Most of you might have read Part I of this article on my blog

In this artile I wish to add a few more tips and strategies to explode blog traffic on your blog. Read them and use them at your own risk of attaining unexplainable traffic to your blog.

1. Get more Eyeballs to your site. Simple Logic. The more people see your blog, more arerepparttar chances of somebody actually liking and posting a link to it. Mind you, half of my inbound traffic comes from other blogs that are linked to me. How do you do it? Well, for starters I suggest you try BlogExplosion. Though they promise you generous traffic,repparttar 119341 actual amount of people who really read your blog are few, but whatrepparttar 119342 heck its still more exposure.

2. Categorize. Agreed that you can write good stuff, even lots of it, butrepparttar 119343 truth is not everybody likes to read everything. Make sure you have different categories for your posts. This helps people to find stuff they like and want to came back.

3. When Headlines do matter. These aren'trepparttar 119344 lines on your forehead when you don't see people visiting your blog, what I'm talking about is actual headlines inrepparttar 119345 news. Yeah, try posting posts that have current media frenzy topics asrepparttar 119346 subject. As search engines scourrepparttar 119347 web, they would pick your site as a relevant match and will index you more often.

Not All Links Are Created Equal

Written by Rob Francis

When it comes to any website promotion campaign, there are two main areas to focus on. The first area to focus on is your internal campaign, which deals with anything you can do torepparttar pages of your website, such as content, meta tags, and titles. This is completely within your control even if you use a Web designer to do any changes for you, as you can dictate what is on your website. The other area to focus on is your external campaign, which largely deals with getting links from other sites something that is mostly out of your control and is usually a lot more work.

Internal Campaign

Links, or hyperlinks to use their full name, are often misunderstood by people wanting to improve their search engine ranking. Links from your website going out to other sites will not boost your search engine ranking, although some relevant, on-topic links to prominent sites can help. Also, creating lots of links to your internal pages is notrepparttar 119340 same as links from other websites inrepparttar 119341 eyes of search engines. These two misunderstandings have caught out many a website owner.

The important thing to remember is that you do not want to have too many links on your pages. This does two things that can be deemed harmful to your goal of improving search engine ranking. Having a large list of links on a single page can cause search engines to suspect a link farm, Web ring, or other such unnatural linking structure and your site may be penalized for this. It would be safest to keeprepparttar 119342 number of links below 50 for any page. The second reason that you don't want too many links is because they drain PR (PageRank). This basically means thatrepparttar 119343 importance ofrepparttar 119344 page,repparttar 119345 PR, is divided byrepparttar 119346 number of outbound links. So you would be better of getting a link from a website page that has a PR of 6 and only 10 outbound links rather than a PR 6 website page with 200 outbound links.

External Campaign

The real value in links, as far as gaining better ranking in search engines comes from external links. External links are also known as backlinks, and they basically are just links to your website from someone else's website.

There are two types of external links reciprocal and one-way. Reciprocal links are links from a website in exchange for a return link to that same website. Hencerepparttar 119347 term reciprocal. Reciprocal links were very popular a few years back but are not as valuable as one-way links. If another site is relevant torepparttar 119348 theme of your site then a reciprocal link is still useful so don't dismiss it entirely. What you really want is a one-way link to your website in order to boost your rankings. Gaining one-way links usually comes from supllying a brilliant resource or software. If your site is deemed to contain lots of excellent information that is freely available and original then many others will be happy to place one-way links to your site.

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