How to differentiate between a good and a bad MLM / Network Marketing Company?

Written by Cecilia Chang

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Do you once join or are you in these business now?

MLM or Network Marketing which is a very good sales strategy starts out fromrepparttar western countries.

Its strategy flow goes like this, a networker sell products to consumers thus consumers also become a networker so on. This network expands rapidly and slowly into a human pyramid whereby people expand from one > two > four and so on...

This kind of business saves rental and advertising fees. Do you agree? But this business has recently become worse. Many companies open up to cheat people. Below is a case study extract from a newspaper.

A 20 yrs old son forces his dad to buy a normal mattress at $2.7k. He says thatrepparttar 137475 special mattress stimulates blood circulation, keep one’s fit and when use for a long time, it can prevent cancer and high blood pressure. Is it so fantastic?

An actually healthy dad gets so mad that he may now have some symptoms of high blood pressure. He’s been inrepparttar 137476 business world for a long time and experienced so many things but never came across such thing before. It’s not that he can’t afford to buy that mattress but he thinks that if he buys, it’s like criticize his knowledge.

His son goes to seminars, meetings and he came home to force his dad to support him in his business. If his dad doesn’t buy, he’ll not meetrepparttar 137477 criteria to be a networker. Showing others that he never put in effort in his first step towards his business.

His son was actually in England for his studies. But while surfing around onrepparttar 137478 web, he found this company and joins them so he stopped his studies without informing his parent. As his parent to motivate him, they have no choice but to allow his son to continue with his business.

Slowly his dad feels that things are not getting right. He never goes out to promote his products to other people but only to their relatives. His company even called him during midnight, asking him to go for meeting. All his colleagues smoke, drink and party while listening to successful people experiences.

Fresh MLM Leads Are Right In Your Own Neighborhood

Written by Daegan Smith

Now that you have started your own MLM business, fresh MLM leads arerepparttar most important ingredients you need now, right? All starting MLM distributors struggle with this issue, “Whom am I going to sell to?” Here are some possible MLM leads that might help you start out in your new venture.

The best and first fresh MLM leads you should check out arerepparttar 137400 warm leads you know. Family, friends, and acquaintances will probably berepparttar 137401 first place for you to start. These are called “warm leads” since they know you before your startedrepparttar 137402 MLM business. They are a great beginning audience for your sales pitch and more likely to buy than a complete stranger. Warm lead also offer a testing ground for new ideas to sell your products and you can hone your sales pitch with a friendly audience.

The next set of fresh MLM leads you can approach isrepparttar 137403 second tier of “semi-warm leads.” Here arerepparttar 137404 people that know of you but not necessarily know you. They will probably berepparttar 137405 friends of your friends, their co-workers, maybe their in-laws. These people offerrepparttar 137406 first step toward cold calling but not quite a door-to-door type of sales call.

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