How to develop Psychic Abilities

Written by Universal Psychic Guild

Withrepparttar pressures and stresses of modern society, we are increasingly find it more difficult to slow downrepparttar 122256 mental activity of our conscious mind. A psychic is able to divertrepparttar 122257 conscious mind and begin to focus onrepparttar 122258 sub conscious.

Our conscious mind often holds on to range of pre-conceived ideas and conditioning that we have received throughout our lives. With allrepparttar 122259 pressures of day to day life we find it difficult to focus on anything else but our immediate problems and needs and our minds are full of thoughts.

A psychic hasrepparttar 122260 ability to tap intorepparttar 122261 sub-conscious and connect withrepparttar 122262 universe to sense, see and often hear messages fromrepparttar 122263 spirit world. Many people have had varies psychic experiences but have put it down to coincidence or good luck. Some people who mediate regularly and are able to slowrepparttar 122264 conscious mind often comment on how they have felt a connection withrepparttar 122265 universe whilst others have been able to “see” in their minds visions of places and people.

Some psychics have maintained their abilities through out their childhood, teenage years and adult hood whilst others develop it further in later life.

The psychic can divertrepparttar 122266 conscious mind and contactrepparttar 122267 sub conscious mind, which allows them to concentrate onrepparttar 122268 Universal consciousness. Within this cosmic force much ofrepparttar 122269 information from past, present and future is available for those who wish to access it.

For many of us Psychics are looked upon as people with a gift of seeing intorepparttar 122270 future. Some of them are viewed with a sense of awe while onrepparttar 122271 other hand others view psychics with suspicion and caution. The fact is that we are all made fromrepparttar 122272 same source and can all develop different talents if we choose to. It depends on what talents and abilities we are conscious of and what our beliefs are. Some people believe that psychic abilities do not really exist for anyone and they therefore would ignore any form of intuition, impression or gut reactions. But for others they believe in that these abilities are available and are ready to accept and believe in their intuition and gut reactions much more readily. The more we accept and react to somethingrepparttar 122273 more it begins to happen to us andrepparttar 122274 more confident we become with it. Ofcourse different abilities vary from person to person and so to do beliefs. If something has never happened to you it is hard to believe it is true. But for those who believe and act on their impressions there is a huge ocean of knowledge available to them and once tapped and utilised this knowledge becomes stronger and more readily available We have all fallen silently and stared in space duringrepparttar 122275 day. Some people call it day dreaming but there are no thoughts present in our conscious mind. We are awake and in some cases still aware of our surrounds but we have no thoughts flicking backwards and forth in our minds. This isrepparttar 122276 state in which we are able to “pick up” a range of messages.

Simple Exercises for Meditation & Relaxation

Written by Universal Psychic Guild

Modern city living piles onrepparttar stress in every conceivable way, withrepparttar 122255 fast pace of living we all have, stress slowly builds up creating headaches, stiffness inrepparttar 122256 neck and back, high blood pressure, indigestion and so on. Physical stress will leaverepparttar 122257 body uptight and tense, diminishingrepparttar 122258 appetite andrepparttar 122259 ability to sleep.

Mental stress is much more serious, for when we are mentally stressed,repparttar 122260 adrenal glands are activated and adrenalin is pumped into our body, giving us continous energy. Unfortunately overworkingrepparttar 122261 adrenal glands due to constant mental pressure will, inrepparttar 122262 long run, create a serious break down in your physical and mental health.

The following exercises aim to relax any physical tension and stress, they are simple exercises to do and will relax and calm you .

* First get your self comfortable, select something to lay on, make sure it is not to soft or hard, roll up three towels, place one under your knees,repparttar 122263 small of your back, make sure it is not to high and that it does not create an arch in your back, although it must give you support, andrepparttar 122264 last towel is placed under your neck.

* Make surerepparttar 122265 room is quiet and warm, your clothes must be loose and comfortable. Now, take a deep breathe and while holdingrepparttar 122266 breathe in, tense every muscle in your body as hard and tight as you can, increaserepparttar 122267 tension as much as you can, then breathing out, relax totally. Wait a few seconds, and repeatrepparttar 122268 process, focus onrepparttar 122269 words Let go, Relax. Do this up to four times.

You will feel your body sag asrepparttar 122270 tension releases, there will be a pleasant sensation of tiredness.

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