How to create fat burning vitality

Written by Rick Rakauskas

Copyright 2005 Rick Rakauskas

Your Breath and Your Body

If your intension is to create vitality and fitness, or maybe it's to burn fat and lean up, or maybe it's all of these things and more, and you wish too achieve lasting results, it can be of great benefit to you, to be conscious of two aspects.

I. is your breath II. is your physical body


· Be conscious, thatrepparttar way you breathe, can either,

vitalise or devitalise,

both your physical body, and your vital body (also known as your aura or your etheric body). This can have a cumulative effect on both your "mental" and "emotional bodies".

Give thought to this! A vast majority of us are walking around barely breathing in enough oxygen to blow up a balloon. No wonderrepparttar 135927 heavy feeling of depression is modern mans new up and coming dis-ease. Not even noticing how we are hold our breath when we exercise, eat, and yes - holding on to our breath when we talk, not to mention when we are sitting atrepparttar 135928 computer or working behind a desk only exasperatesrepparttar 135929 problem. Breathing not only supplies oxygen, as you breathe,repparttar 135930 oxygen inhaled purifies your blood by helpingrepparttar 135931 removal of waste products.

Non conscious irregular breathing will severely limitrepparttar 135932 processes which play a critical role in your circulatory and respiratory systems. Your heart and lungs need to work harder. Your digestion and metabolism becomes sluggish, andrepparttar 135933 faster you breathe,repparttar 135934 less you are able to live a vital life.

Oxygen deficiency is a major contributor torepparttar 135935 feelings of anxiety, stress, andrepparttar 135936 onset ofrepparttar 135937 disease process, leaving all of your organs, tissues, and cells malnourished and devitalised. All 75 Trillion of them. It is a proven scientific fact that no disease can live in a purely oxygenated state.

· Some benefits of "being conscious of your breath", are…

- Conscious rhythmic breathing, increases your rate of metabolism, which as a direct result improves digestion, and helps promote weight loss.

- Conscious rhythmic breathing, calms and steadies your mind, which as a direct result improves your focus and concentration.

- Conscious rhythmic breathing, strengthens your immune system, which as a result enables your body to live harmoniously within its environment, decreasing illness and disease.

- Conscious rhythmic breathing, gives yourepparttar 135938 ability to lower or raise your blood pressure, which as a result, improves your quality of living.

- Conscious rhythmic breathing, and an imposed rhythm onrepparttar 135939 everyday life, creates wellbeing, which as a result, creates space to experience, joy.

As one of our most brilliant, creative, and health conscious poets ofrepparttar 135940 romantic period so eloquently put it:

"He lives most life whoever breathes most air"

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

· If it is your intention to tone up and lean up, you first of all must realise that to burn fat you need fire, and fire needs to breathe!

Three Points to Breath ~ an instruction manual, say's...

More oxygen = more fire More fire = more fuel can be burnt (fat) More fuel can be burnt = more power More power =repparttar 135941 power to shaperepparttar 135942 body

This is as true torepparttar 135943 human body as it is torepparttar 135944 combustion engine. Sure you can lose weight by starving yourself, or by minimising your fluid intake, yet with every action there is sure to be a reaction. If you evaporate one litre of water that your body is holding as fluid, you may have temporarily lost a kilogram of weight onrepparttar 135945 scales, yet as sure asrepparttar 135946 tide will turn, so willrepparttar 135947 fluid. After you have decided were it is you are going, chooserepparttar 135948 best path to get there, and choose "Knowledge as your Companion". II. Your PHYSICAL BODY


· Be conscious thatrepparttar 135949 food you eat, can either,

vitalise or devitalise,

your physical body, which has an effect on both your mental and emotional bodies.

Give thought to this!

· Fat is GOOD, here a few reasons why...

- Fats are accessed, consumed and used inrepparttar 135950 regenerative and healing process. - Fats and oils are needed to renew and build new muscle tissue.


Written by Judy Thompson

Copyright 2005 Judy Thompson

As we age, our health may diminish or deteriorate. Synonyms to deteriorate include such words as: decline, weaken, spoil, oxidize, rot and rust.

What causes such harm to our health? What, if anything, can be done about it? Overrepparttar years we get a build up of toxins in our bodies.

One form of toxicity is by heavy metals and is an excessive build-up of metals inrepparttar 135926 body. These include mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and many more. Common sources of heavy metals are: dental amalgams, vaccinations, food, water andrepparttar 135927 environment. While most toxins are excreted fromrepparttar 135928 body throughrepparttar 135929 kidneys and bowel, over time a build-up of these poisons does occur.

Toxic metals and other environmental pollutants are known to be a cause of many serious or chronic health conditions. Even low levels of lead intoxication may cause aggressive behavior and learning disabilities. Accumulation of aluminum and mercury may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. Research has pointed to parasites as being a primary cause of cancer. Pesticides and chemicals used in solvents or various household products, may very well contribute to diseases such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis. Some researchers even believe that all illness is a result of toxicity brought about by yeast and fungus infections, which are great decomposers of life. And this list could go on and on.

Removing toxins fromrepparttar 135930 body will help a person who is already in pretty good health to be able to continue that good health for a longer period of time. In addition, removing toxins fromrepparttar 135931 body of a diseased person, will allowrepparttar 135932 body’s natural healing processes to work a lot better. Thus,repparttar 135933 person will have a better chance to regain optimum health.

Before beginning any program to detoxify, you should discuss it with your physician. This is especially important if you are taking any prescribed medications.

There are many ways to detoxify. Some we may do as a natural part of our everyday activities, or even inrepparttar 135934 foods we take in daily. Things we do that cause us to perspire, whether it be running or working aroundrepparttar 135935 house, will cause our bodies to excrete toxins. Some ofrepparttar 135936 heart-healthy foods we consume that are known as antioxidants will also help us to eliminate toxins. Even if you decide on specific methods to detoxify, you should continue or even increaserepparttar 135937 good things in your daily living that have a positive effect on your body.

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