How to create an Outlook Express Backup

Written by Emil Malmberg

Most Windows users should be familiar with Microsoft Outlook Express. This email program is usually installed withrepparttar Windows operating system and is probably amongrepparttar 107846 most commonly used email program today. While using Outlook Express is fairly easy, finding and backing uprepparttar 107847 emails can be a little more complicated. Since there is a large number of files and folders on a normal computer running Windowsrepparttar 107848 first problem is to findrepparttar 107849 files containing your emails. Outlook Express stores emails in .dbx files and there might be several different dbx files depending on how many email folders you have created in Outlook Express. If you are using Windows 98 you can probably locate your emails somewhere inrepparttar 107850 Windows directory. In Windows 2000 emails are usually stored somewhere inrepparttar 107851 user data folder.

Locatingrepparttar 107852 email store folder The easiest way to find out exactly where your emails are stored is to start Outlook Express, go torepparttar 107853 tools menu and openrepparttar 107854 options dialog. Inrepparttar 107855 option dialog selectrepparttar 107856 maintenance page and click onrepparttar 107857 Store Folder button. Here you can findrepparttar 107858 path torepparttar 107859 folder containing your emails. To openrepparttar 107860 folder, copyrepparttar 107861 path and paste in inrepparttar 107862 address field ofrepparttar 107863 windows file manager. You should see a number of dbx files and possibly some other files too. When using WinBackup you can simply skip this step since WinBackup automatically finds your emails and adds an email icon to User Data section if you are using Outlook Express. WinBackup also locates and backups your address book which if often not included inrepparttar 107864 email folder.

Creating Secure Online Backups

Written by Emil Malmberg

Today, many pc users are storing files onrepparttar Internet by using some free online storage service. While these online locations can easily be used to store backups as well, you should be very careful when sending sensitive documents and emails acrossrepparttar 107845 Internet. Since bandwidth and storage space is often limited, you should also consider compressingrepparttar 107846 data before sending it to a remote server.

Encryption When transmitting private information across public networks likerepparttar 107847 Internet, some kind of encryption is absolutely critical. Becauserepparttar 107848 internet consists of millions of computers connected together by an incredibly amount of wire, satellite and radio connections, there is no way of knowing who will be listening to your datastreams as they are transmitted acrossrepparttar 107849 network. The only way to ensure that no one will be able to access your data is to encryptrepparttar 107850 datastream before it leaves your computer. Sometimes this is done by your browser using secure connections, but to ensure thatrepparttar 107851 data is always encrypted your should encryptrepparttar 107852 files yourself. WinBackup allows you to encrypt backups using up to 256 bit AES encryption, making it virtually impossible for anyone to accessrepparttar 107853 contents of your online backups. Since encryption is performed on-the-fly backup operations will be performed quickly and easily even when use strong encryption is used. To create an online backup using WinBackup you simply select an appropriate security level and startrepparttar 107854 backup. The result will be a single compressed and encrypted file than can safely be transmitted to your online backup location.

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