How to create a zero cost item to sell on eBay.

Written by Jason James

Everyone has a hobby, special interest, or area of expertise. Ebay will provide a simple way for you to supply this information to people all overrepparttar world.

This is trulyrepparttar 150673 information age and people are scouringrepparttar 150674 Internet for more knowledge in their area of interest that they can attain instantly. You know things that other people do not. You are unique, and this article will show you in a simple way how to tap this knowledge and create a profit.

You do not need to be a writer or have any special skills to accomplish this. I have purchased and sold information products on eBay that were only 1 page in length, that were emailed to me minutes afterrepparttar 150675 eBay auction had closed and sold for $19 or more.

If you have sent or received email you can create an information product you can easily sell on eBay.

For many peoplerepparttar 150676 last thing inrepparttar 150677 world they want to do is write a paper, but in reality you are doing this verbally several times a day

Writers Block here is how you overcome it! Use this simple technique

1. Purchase a low cost tape recorder at Radio Shack if you do not own one.

2. Tape yourself when you are talking to someone about your passion or area of expertise (do not talk torepparttar 150678 tape recorder pretend it is not there.)

3. Play back your session, you will be amazed at how easily it is to pick outrepparttar 150679 key points of your expertise.

How to Clone any top eBay Powerseller

Written by Jason James

The following system enabled me to sell over $100,000 in auction sales in a one month period. This isrepparttar system I developed to generate $3,000 to $5,000 profit per month cloning or duplicating any existing eBay Power Seller you choose. "Very Important!" To use this technique successfully, you need to clone any eBay Power Seller selling an average minimum of 20-40 products a week. There are thousands and thousands of these sellers on eBay today.

I stumbled on this technique while talking to someone who worked for a very successful eBay Power Seller. He mentioned that out of a small office suite with a staff of four they were doing $50,000-$60,000 in sales per month. I was skeptical at first, so decided to check it out usingrepparttar 150672 eBay Search Button. I clicked on Search, then clicked on Search by Seller, then clicked on Completed Auctions. It showed that they sold 35-45 items per day. eBay allows you to viewrepparttar 150673 last 30 days of any seller or item; so I didrepparttar 150674 math andrepparttar 150675 items averaged $400 each. That's $60,000 plus in one month! I knew they weren't a large company, so I reviewed their completed auctions to see what items sold at what price. All of this valuable information is available on any eBay seller. You can literally clone any business model that you see is successful.

The next step in cloning a business model you like is to thoroughly read their auction ads. I have located Power Sellers sources directly from descriptions in their eBay ad's Key point!

When you are researching any eBay seller, there will be a button called About Me (click on this button and another page will come up with much more information about this seller). Many sellers put way too much information there! Use that to locate their product sources.

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