How to create a great website

Written by Patrick Tan

The web is a medium designed to communicate with people. Asrepparttar written words and graphics will berepparttar 134670 main forms of communication in a website, it is of utmost importance that they convey your message inrepparttar 134671 most effective way without any jarring expressions, omissions and complications.

The ultimate aim is to create a website that will attract millions of visitors and have them returning torepparttar 134672 site again and again. From my observation, great websites, regardless of their functions, seem to observerepparttar 134673 following rules:

Good sites are rich in contents. ------------------------------------------- Before you set out to design a website, you must first identify your purpose and target audience. What do you want to do with your site? Who is your target audience? Where can you find them? What are their interests? What products, services and information will appeal to them? Why should they visit your site? How are you going to attract and retain your target prospects?

Gettingrepparttar 134674 answers torepparttar 134675 above questions would pretty much setrepparttar 134676 looks, appeals and contents for your site. Whatever your contents and resources, they must always share a common theme and focus.

You may consider offering some free information and resources to attract visitors to your site. It is a fact that most people userepparttar 134677 Internet first and foremost to search for information. "Content is king" as witnessed byrepparttar 134678 successes of Yahoo and America Online. Both started out as an information portal providing value-added information and resources to millions of users who flock to their sites every month.

Good sites have great homepages. ------------------------------------------------- The homepage isrepparttar 134679 entry point to your site. If it does not appeal to your visitors, chances are high that they will leave your site as soon as they arrive without ever viewing a second page on your site.

How can we create an effective homepage? There is no straightforward answer. A directory-styled homepage may serverepparttar 134680 purpose well for web portals like Yahoo. In other cases, a simple homepage with an enticing slogan and graphic may work equally well. You may also consider setting up multiple entry points if there are distinctive sections in your site.

Whatever your preferences,repparttar 134681 key to designing an effective homepage lies in determiningrepparttar 134682 needs and wants of your target audience and offering themrepparttar 134683 desired solutions in your site. This concept should appeal to your visitors and generate enough interests for them to start exploring your site.

Good sites are easy to read. ---------------------------------------- You are judged by how well you write! I am not exaggerating. The ability to write simply and clearly in an appropriate format and style is very important inrepparttar 134684 world of business communication. A well-written sales literature is usually what it takes to closerepparttar 134685 sales. This is particularly true for a website, asrepparttar 134686 written words arerepparttar 134687 only effective means to convey your messages to your readers.

Your writing should be free from jarring expressions, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If you do not haverepparttar 134688 ability to write clearly and concisely, you should seriously consider paying several hundred dollars for a freelance editor to proofread and edit your entire sites. It would be money well spent!

Good sites are easy to navigate. --------------------------------------------- Good contents are useless if visitors could not accessrepparttar 134689 information easily. Web surfers are very impatient people. They would simply go elsewhere if they feel lost in your "maze" of information.

A simple rule of thumb is to present your information in easily identifiable categories. You may consider color-coding your pages according to their respective categories or sections, particularly if you are designing a big and complex site with more than several hundred pages.

At Aloha-City, we have color-coded our pages in various colors - gray for Work@Home; violet for Home; gold for Fort Street Mall; pink for Biz Connection and green for Utrendz. This methodology let us maintain a consistent layout throughout our website, while allowing visitors to identify and navigate from one page to another easily.

Good Web Design

Written by Richard Lowe

One ofrepparttar primary keys to a successful website is a good design. A poorly designed site actually discourages visitors from even getting to your site, and to leave quickly when (and if) they arrive. A well designed site encourages people to visit and to remain once they find it. In fact,repparttar 134669 best designed sites encourage communication, which in turn causes people to continue to visit time after time.

So what is this thing called a "well designed web site"? In concept it can be summarized in a few words:

"A well designed web site communicates and encourages communication."

It's as simple as this statement implies. However,repparttar 134670 implications of this statement are far reaching and critical torepparttar 134671 success of your web site. For example, one ofrepparttar 134672 critical questions to ask yourself when you are designing your site is "who and what are you communicating with?" Why is this important? Because in addition to your visitors with their complex requirements, you area also communicating with search engine spiders, internet mapping routines and other automated tools. These are critically important torepparttar 134673 success of your site.

Okay, so what do you need to do to make your site communicate to everyone and everything possible? Some suggestions are listed below.

Design Your Site

Before you do anything, sit down and think about your site. Virtually all successful projects begin with good planning, analysis and design work. Leave out these steps and you may find yourself reimplementing your site over and over. Think it takes too long? Well, I have a question for you: "why is it everyone has time to do it over but over time to do it right?"

Alt Tags

To make your site communicate better to those people (and search engine spiders_ who do not view graphics, be sure and include ALT tags with each image.


You want to tellrepparttar 134674 search engines (and other spiders) about your site? Includerepparttar 134675 proper Metatags on each page. This helps improve your rankings on some search engines.


Be sure that your navigation makes sense. Help your visitors get around on your site by making it easy for them to find things.

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