How to create a good links directory

Written by Ramona Iftode

Every webmaster is spending a serious amount of time online in order to promote a new site or even an older one. We are all talking about quality of content and layout andrepparttar truth is, for a site traffic is also important. If nobody has gotrepparttar 142749 chance to see your work, then it just doesn’t count. This is why we all try to index our sites in as many search engines and directories as possible. The good news is there are plenty of them to chose from, but are they all good?

In this article I will try to highlight some ofrepparttar 142750 details we should have in mind when creating a web directory or just a small link section in our site. Since we all submit our links to big or specialized directories, I’ll redirect my advice to people who are already running one or haverepparttar 142751 intention of starting such a project.

I have come torepparttar 142752 conclusions I’ll describe after spending some time doing promotion work for my sites and having to get in touch with a variety of directories and search engines. Some of them were a pleasant encounter, but there were also projects that offered me a lot of frustration. After this I came with a set of ideas I also try to apply in a small webmaster directory I own.

1. The wayrepparttar 142753 site/directory looks

In our daily life we have come torepparttar 142754 conclusion people tend to respect us more when we are wearing a costume or a nice outfit in general. Unfortunately, although we are sure it’s just a sign of superficiality, people tend to rate our sites just as they do with our person. A nice looking site will always attract people and gainrepparttar 142755 respect we want to receive for our work. Having a good directory is not a layout creation feat itself, butrepparttar 142756 collection of links has got to be presented in a pleasant manner.

Some quick tips for a better look for our directory site: • As in a “normal” site, use a nice color theme and try to put an image or two of good quality, crisp and clear. Fromrepparttar 142757 start your directory will remain simple and fast loading, but it will be also nice looking • Try to makerepparttar 142758 links change color on mouse hover. It’s a simple CSS trick, but it’s so nice and easy to manage. It immediately gives your visitors a sense of a “dynamic” site • Make sure allrepparttar 142759 elements look good andrepparttar 142760 page is constructed logically and easy to see and read.

As a conclusion, spend some minutes trying to getrepparttar 142761 best color theme you can come up and take care ofrepparttar 142762 details and afterwards you’ll be ready to work onrepparttar 142763 content and promotion ofrepparttar 142764 new directory.

2. Have a clear navigation and categories

The best directories are easy to navigate, with clear categories and links. This is what your directory needs to achieve too. Whether it’s a specialized directory or a general one, you have got to make sure people can find ALL they need in there. A good idea would be to visit some similar projects and try to understand how they are constructed and whatrepparttar 142765 category organization is and perhaps whyrepparttar 142766 author has maderepparttar 142767 directory that way.

It is important to have your own ideas and principles, but this could help you organize your job better and perhaps won’t let you forget some other categories that would be suited for your site.

For a directory site, categories and links arerepparttar 142768 content andrepparttar 142769 most important section, this is why this problem has got to be dealt with great care. You should make sure people can find their way throughrepparttar 142770 site. Placerepparttar 142771 “add site” link on a good spot so that people are able to see it.

3. Submission ways

This isrepparttar 142772 part you have to think about seriously: do you want to be paid forrepparttar 142773 indexing or do you provide this service for free? There are some directories that offer only one ofrepparttar 142774 two solutions and some others that have blended them. If I was to give you advice on this I’d say it’s better to keep it free and validaterepparttar 142775 links as soon as possible. It gives peoplerepparttar 142776 sensation that it’s reliable and good. You can make some money by placing ads and perhaps some “sponsored” links.

Inrepparttar 142777 end it’s your decision, but make it clear forrepparttar 142778 visitors. The problem is you’ll have less sites indexed if you ask for payment, since many people won’t pay for this, and having an empty directory won’t help withrepparttar 142779 success either. Since there are literally hundreds and thousands of directories online, people might go withrepparttar 142780 free ones only. I have donerepparttar 142781 same thing and I cannot complain aboutrepparttar 142782 traffic either. Even in Yahoo I have indexed my site for free and it gives me relevant results.

RSS feeds and how to use them

Written by Allan Burns

RSS feeds arerepparttar most important technology to arrive onrepparttar 142728 internet since blogging, yet take up of RSS feeds among webmasters and web visitors is still very low. The Sunday Times recent ran a survey to see how home users userepparttar 142729 internet , RSS did not appear in it at all.

It's true that RSS is nowhere near as ubiquitous as email, but email have been around sincerepparttar 142730 beginning ofrepparttar 142731 internet. RSS and RSS feeds are relatively new to internet users. If you are a webmaster you can benefit from this new technology that will allow you to speak directly to your visitors and keep them updated with what you are up to. You can get up to speed with RSS feeds at

According to Feedster, one ofrepparttar 142732 largest RSS feed search engines, there are over 9 million feeds in its index. RSS feeds are a technology to be taken seriously, you can ignore it now but you will find yourself way behind other webmasters when it comes torepparttar 142733 benefits of having your own feed.

To put RSS in context take a look at Bloglines, probablyrepparttar 142734 largest feed aggregator onrepparttar 142735 internet. When you subscribe to a feed using Bloglines they tell you how many other of their readers are subscribed torepparttar 142736 same feed. Slashdot there more subscribed to feed besides their own has about 35,000 subscribers to their RSS feed. Remember that's just other Bloglines users so it only reflects a small percentage of their total readers.

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