How to cook perfect pasta everytime

Written by Shauna Hanus

Finally you can stop wondering how do I cook my pasta. There are a few simple rules to follow that will have you cooking pasta pleasing meals each and every time.

First and most important use plenty of water. Using too little water will make for sticky gooey pasta. You should start with about 4 quarts of fresh cool water. This means take out that big spaghetti pot and stop using your favorite sauce pan. As you portion outrepparttar pasta you should cook about 2 ounces per person. Bringrepparttar 142648 fresh cool water to a rolling boil. Oncerepparttar 142649 water is boiling, but before addingrepparttar 142650 noodles, add 1 heaping tablespoon of salt for every four servings. Always addrepparttar 142651 salt torepparttar 142652 water. If you wait untilrepparttar 142653 pasta is cooked you will end up with salty noodles. By addingrepparttar 142654 salt nowrepparttar 142655 pasta can absorbrepparttar 142656 salt and your pasta will taste better. Finally addrepparttar 142657 pasta, allowrepparttar 142658 water to softenrepparttar 142659 noodles and stir gently. Never allowrepparttar 142660 noodles to stick torepparttar 142661 bottom ofrepparttar 142662 pan.

Freezing Food in Individual Servings

Written by Michele Webb

"Can I freeze it?" is a question often asked in our homes, and for good reason. Preparing double or triple recipes and freezing portions for later use is not only time-saving, but economical as well. Here is a smart freezing tip to help you keep food safe and nutritious.

After your food has been prepared, or after a meal where you have left over food, dividerepparttar food into individual servings so that it freezes and thaws quickly and evenly. Freshly cooked foods should be allowed to cool to room temperature before preparing them for freezing. Putting still-hot foods intorepparttar 142647 freezer can cause partially frozen foods to thaw or raise them to room temperature which could cause spoiling or alterrepparttar 142648 taste or texture ofrepparttar 142649 food.

The portions you dividerepparttar 142650 food into should berepparttar 142651 same as what you want to use when taking them out ofrepparttar 142652 freezer. For example, if you are freezing something like spaghetti or pasta for school or work lunches, choose a container that will fit intorepparttar 142653 lunch bag or lunch box so that you can easily removerepparttar 142654 container fromrepparttar 142655 freezer and go.

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