How to control Ants Without Poison

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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Ants are pests inrepparttar 137796 house. Inrepparttar 137797 home common ants aren't harmful but they are a nuisance.

There are many natural repellants which can be used to discourage ants from kitchen counters, pantries, and other areas where food lures them in.

As a first step try to preventrepparttar 137798 ants from enteringrepparttar 137799 house.

Use less chemical fertilizers and pesticides inrepparttar 137800 lawn and gardens. These cause an imbalance inrepparttar 137801 biological makeup ofrepparttar 137802 soil. Stressed soil and plants attract ants.

Many species of ants like to drink honeydew from aphids. If good control of aphids in plants and gardens near houses is exercised, ants will be less numerous. Ants seem to dislike spearmint, tansy, and pennyroyal. Plant these nearrepparttar 137803 house to keep ants away. Sweet fern is particularly dislike by red ants.

A simple recipe to repel ants can be made by adding to an eight ounce bottle of mild liquid soap one ounce each of citronella, pennyroyal, peppermint, cinnamon, rose and tea oil. Mix together and add three tablespoons to two cups of water. Spray where ants are enteringrepparttar 137804 house. Thisrepparttar 137805 formula can be used to wash down counters inrepparttar 137806 kitchen but only use one-half tablespoon to two cups of water.

Tips For Buying a Whirlpool Bath Online

Written by Kevin Taylor

So you're buildingrepparttar bath of your dreams but findrepparttar 137696 prices you have been quoted forrepparttar 137697 Whirlpool Bath way out of your budget.

Don't despair and settle for a Whirlpool Bath you don't want!

Go online and save by buying direct from a Whirlpool tub distributor. Here's how. (more information at

There are three choices in Whirlpool baths;

1) Hydrotherapy - Jetted Water Whirlpool Baths

2) Air Bubble - Heated Air bubbles distributed over entire body

3) Combo - Both Hydrotherapy and Heated Air functions combined

Hydrotherapy isrepparttar 137698 more traditional Whirlpool you have probably experienced. It is great for relaxing muscles, lowering blood pressure, and relieving stress. It is however a hazard to young children and adults with medical conditions, in which caserepparttar 137699 more gentle Air Bubble Whirlpool bath is suitable.

The Combo gives both whirlpool choices but at an additional cost of course.

Two key factors in choosing your whirlpool are fit and fit;

1) Fit - Whirlpool bath suits your body and ease getting in and out

2) Fit - gettingrepparttar 137700 Whirlpool bath into your house and bathroom!

You should not hesitate to climb intorepparttar 137701 Whirlpool Baths on display in stores to make sure you are comfortable withrepparttar 137702 feel to your body and you can easily get in and out. Once you have determinedrepparttar 137703 model you like you can go online to getrepparttar 137704 best Whirlpool bath price delivered to your door.

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