How to communicate to the four main personality types

Written by Lee Hopkins

You probably know this already, but there are generally held to be four main personality types, which I call: Extrovert, Amiable, Analytical and Pragmatic .

Let's take a moment to consider each of them inrepparttar workplace.

Extrovert: someone who probably has a messy desk; who leaves projects 75% completed then gets distracted by new, 'more exciting' projects; someone who communicates their ideas with enthusiasm and charm; makes instant decisions; hates 'paperwork' andrepparttar 107980 'dull routines' of life, such as filling in order forms, checking bank statements, etc.; is usually 'fashionably late' to meetings, events and parties (and they love entertaining clients!); always has interesting screen savers.

Amiable: someone who isrepparttar 107981 'peacemaker' inrepparttar 107982 office; is always striving for a 'win-win' in everything in life; someone who probably isn't terribly ambitious and striving, but is very happy to support and encourage others who are; someone who cannot say "No" very easily and so are probably on every committee going (whether they actually want to be or not); is more likely to make a decision onrepparttar 107983 spot if only to stop you 'hassling' them, otherwise will take weeks to make a decision (if at all, as they prefer others to makerepparttar 107984 decision for them); like to know what others are doing (in case they themselves are doing something inappropriate or foolish).

Analytical: 'GadgetMan' - has multiple PDAs in case one fails; has several computers forrepparttar 107985 same reason; adores punctuality; when they tell you they recently bought something they won't roundrepparttar 107986 number up but will tell you torepparttar 107987 exact dollar and cent how much they paid; loves playing with spreadsheets, charts and projections; will never make a decision onrepparttar 107988 spot; will buy a car based on fuel economy, servicing costs, resell value, depreciation and other factors, never 'because it's a lovely shade of blue'.

Pragmatic: a 'take charge' person; their view isrepparttar 107989 way things will probably get done; they listen to others' points of view out of courtesy or intellectual curiousity, but will still do things 'my way' ; doesn't take business rejection personally; not interested in how 'exciting' a project might be, only interested in how much money it will cost/make and how soon it can be implemented/built; very oftenrepparttar 107990 Pragmatic likesrepparttar 107991 colour ' Red '; doesn't have any photos of family or friends on their desk (too unprofessional); has a neat, organised desk.

Efficiency - one of the three Es of business communication

Written by Lee Hopkins

There are many different ways of delivering your business communication: direct mail; in-person sales calls; telephone; repparttar annual report; above and belowrepparttar 107979 line advertising; packaging; posters, and company stationery to name just a few.

Each involves a financial cost for both production and distribution. Are there ways of reducing these costs?

Certainly! eTechnology allowsrepparttar 107980 production of words, sound and visual elements to be seamlessly integrated in a dizzying number of ways to achieve different ends. Each element can then be 're-purposed' or re-used in a different way to try new marketing and content delivery approaches.

These are just some ofrepparttar 107981 potential new technology outputs that your marketing messages and end-user documents can be distributed through:

* cd-roms

* pdf documents (an electronic format for storing and sending documents which ensures thatrepparttar 107982 design integrity of your documents remain intact, irrespective ofrepparttar 107983 end-user's computer and printer configuration)

* website

* mobile phone technology such as sms and wap

* PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices such as a PalmPilot

* web-tv

The cool thing about many of these distribution mediums is that oncerepparttar 107984 cost of producing one item is paid for (such as creatingrepparttar 107985 original document),repparttar 107986 cost of making a thousand or a million copies is negligible.

Imaginerepparttar 107987 saving if you could do away with 80% ofrepparttar 107988 printing and posting costs of your expensive Annual Report, allowing instead any interested party to download it from your website, or be sent it via email.

You will not completely get rid ofrepparttar 107989 need for hard copies of your Annual Report as there will always be either a regulatory requirement or shareholders and investment analysts who likerepparttar 107990 'feel' of a bound document in their hand, or they lackrepparttar 107991 facilities to download and printrepparttar 107992 Report off. But such a saving would definitely allow you to investrepparttar 107993 saving in more growth-focused marketing and sales activities.

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