How to clean gold jewelry

Written by Ben Sather

Gold jewelry to a woman is priceless. Although gold jewelry comes in many different styles and colors,repparttar care and cleaning procedure for all golden treasures remainrepparttar 130098 same. Good common sense is your best guide, and these important tips on how to clean gold jewelry will help you keep your exquisite pieces lustrous and shining.

Gold is tarnish-resistant, but it can get dirty or smudged. Lotions, powders, soaps, even natural skin oils that we use regularly can cover your jewelry and cut down their brilliance. Jewelry cleaning removes any such build-up or residue and restoresrepparttar 130099 original sparkle and shine to make your precious jewelries last a lifetime.

Although numerous commercial products are available to clean gold jewelry, most often water and a mild detergent is sufficient to restorerepparttar 130100 radiance, and a soft brush helps to gently clean intricate filigree designs and stones. Sometimes it can be helpful to soakrepparttar 130101 gold jewelry in a solution of one part ammonia and six parts water for up to sixty seconds. It is imperative to dry and polish your gold jewelry with a chamois or soft cloth after cleaning.

Jewelry polishing cloths are an effective and inexpensive way of keeping your bits of gold glittering and radiant. These essential cotton cloths help to remove tarnish and to buff jewelry to look as good as new. Avoid wearing jewelry while in contact with household chemicals, such as chlorine bleach as this can discolor or damage your gold jewelry mountings.

Reflecting on the History of Women

Written by Stella Ramsaroop

I’ve made a conscience effort to truly contemplate and studyrepparttar story of women this month since it is nationally recognized as Women’s History Month. I expanded my studies beyond justrepparttar 130095 recent feminist history, which in my opinion is a definite highlight of our history to this point, to include our history sincerepparttar 130096 start of written record.

However, this was not as easy as it would seem sincerepparttar 130097 vast majority of surviving records are his-story and are very short onrepparttar 130098 details of her-story. In an attempt to keep women “in their place,” those who have followedrepparttar 130099 Judeo-Christian religions destroyed most records ofrepparttar 130100 significance of women in early history. This is clearly seen inrepparttar 130101 Bible when numerous timesrepparttar 130102 Jews are told to “completely destroyrepparttar 130103 nations” who worshiped these other gods, of which many were actually goddesses.

It’s significant, I think, that at one point in history females sharedrepparttar 130104 title of divinity with males – and at times reigned asrepparttar 130105 sole divinity. This part of our history shows woman in all her glory, not asrepparttar 130106 fallen creature ofrepparttar 130107 Bible who must forever submit to a subservient position torepparttar 130108 man because she supposedly ate a forbidden fruit and coerced him to dorepparttar 130109 same.

It’s timerepparttar 130110 truth was known. Notrepparttar 130111 presupposed “truth” garnered from what we have always been told is reality. That reality is severely lacking inrepparttar 130112 other half ofrepparttar 130113 story. We see reality as we have always been taught to see it. If someone teaches me from young that a certain color is blue, and subsequently others then reinforce that teaching in my family, community, church, government, school, etc. – then I will believerepparttar 130114 color is actually blue.

But what if they are all wrong? What if blue is really yellow but no one wants to challengerepparttar 130115 errant teaching becauserepparttar 130116 one who said it was blue inrepparttar 130117 first place claimed to be speaking on behalf of God? Inrepparttar 130118 end though, just because everyone believes this color to blue does not make it indeed blue. In fact, it is still yellow.

That is exactly what has happened in feminine history. Only this teaching has gone so long without being challenged, for fear of being ostracized or even at times killed, that it is now accepted as truth. Inrepparttar 130119 processrepparttar 130120 real truth has been lost.

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